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My (un)sympathy towards the N0NBIAREH (aka why your nonbinary genders are bullshit from the perspective of a former tumblrina)

When I was still entirely young and stupid (see: a couple years), and relying on Tumblr to somehow fuel me sanely, I truly believed that people who aligned with specialized gender labels that are entirely disproved in the most part by general social and biological constructs as well as the obviousness of the fact that they're subtle as a truck in their presentation of attention seeking, were somehow worthy of that entitled attitude they carried.

well, I now, years later, am coming forth to say that I retract from that attitude years thereafter, after dealing with excess flack from a series of children who defecate  at being called by the wrong referrers, the slightest offense, really-- and coming to the conclusion that such a thing is, firstly, a rarity if it does occur, and secondarily, possibly dysphoria based if it is real, but otherwise is easily just an attention seeking maneuver performed by the confused teenage and entitled collegiate population to somehow appease themselves of the fact that they cannot come to terms pertaining to identity, are teeming with hormonal imbalance , both, or are simply cases wrought with such insecurity that they feel they have to conform to needless and pathetic labels that they think are somehow inventive.

the average "nonbinary", as the group/individual so vaguely calls themselves, which is what I'll use here for the sake of simplicity (this group also masquerades underneath the names 'genderfluid', 'demigirl/demiboy', 'genderfluid', and other numerous terms, including new ones that'll undeniably replace the preexisting terms in the future), tends to be a young woman whose insecurities have taken her hostage and led her to delve into great delusions of grandeur. Depending on the level of insecurity and issues that accompany it, the average shelf life of the nonbinary identity ranges from as little as a few weeks, to as long as years. The severity may very likely cause the woman involved to lose her friends, and to reclaim new ones on the web, almost severing ties with reality entirely.

I make the generalization that these are primarily women because only we would be so dedicatedly putting that much effort into convincing others we're something we are not, as well from personal experiences with these "friendly" individuals. The majority are clearly of female origin, at least that is what they were born as, what their hormones are consistent with, even if the arguments based in feels will try and silence that point.

Nonbinaries are somewhat like the emo teenagers of the Tumblr world; pretentiously irritating hipsters of gender who truly believe that they are paving the way for a revolutionary cause when in fact they annoy the everloving fuck out of normal users and even their own kind alike. Likewise, they are also famed for their high concentrations of publicized self loathing and questionable acts, using petty putdowns and subtly bullying their naysayers, friends, and those involved in any disagreements, through passive-aggressive tactics, namely by the means of vagueblogging.

 vagueblogging, a way for children to whine endlessly about first world problems and being called by the wrong pronouns whilst likely demeaning someone in the process, sooo progressive.

Generally, they're the kind of young people you would run into who would constantly try and claim they don't align with labeling, whilst simultaneously obeying stereotypes and labels to a latter hypocritically. In a world where almost everything is gendered, the average nonbinary is generally the woman you see clad in men's clothing, face usually bare, and hair usually cropped, mistaken easily for a tomboy, though many do not even bother to change presentations in order to appear neutral, as impossibly described by the group and the definition itself, thus confusing the hell out of someone who luckily does not know the meaning of this malarkey, and will wish after one conversation with the pretentious (Nota)Girl of Tumblr, that they didn't ever know.

These people are the ones who will shout that this is "not a phase!" till the end of their duration of crazy, and then when they return to normalcy, smack their heads in hindsight at the time they have wasted pretending to be specialized.

To an extent, it is understandable why the crowd mostly consisting of women aligning with this label identify as such, for the explanation is easy. as mentioned above, while there are many contributions from shifting hormones and general adolescent confusion, what first and foremost most noinbinaries lack is power, friendship, and a sense of individuality, which leads them astray to become sheep in the flock of the microblogging machine, producing one obnoxious twat after the other that spouts buzzwords like trees shed leaves.

Thus, these young and easily influenced girls turn to the internet in a big way to regain the validation they feel they are missing, whether it be from their parents or other immediate family, classmates, or in general, the world. I know because I used to so unfortunately call myself a 'demigirl' at one point in attempt to try and compensate for my clear issues and lack of interactions. The nonbinary identity provided by tumblr for the average girl who becomes one, so to speak, is an avoidance mechanism for the conflicts and hardships of life, but it is a maladaptive one that in the long run will harm the involved person more than help. For awhile, you may be given a sense or smidge of satisfaction whilst slowly losing touch with realism and actuality, your reality. Becoming distanced from what you held dear before you became involved, and consumed by the hatred of the movements that Tumblr also supports, the nonbinary identity isn't something that any of the involved have actually felt they have been for their "entire life", or for a "long time", in a gendered world it is near impossible not to somehow identify with one, and true neutrality, as in every aspect, is damn fucking impossible. Improbably, is any of this rooted in realism, but generally in a woman's insecurity. I am willing to bet that none of this emerged from the woodwork until the invention of the web, or even I would go so far as to say the establishment of tumblr itself. The funny thing is that many of the things tumblr holds dearly in terms of false genders and sexualities, their origins often remain a mystery, however, if rumor or if word proves correctly, the majority of tumblr sexualities, at least, namely demisexuality, either started on furry forums, or were created by 4chan as bait or prank. Thus, the entirety of it is rendered what exactly it is, laughable, embarrassing, and making the actual LGBTQ+ community look foolish in the process to the point where many of us laugh at it. Likewise, the validity of the nonbinarygenderfluiddemii identity is just as much of a laugh. It's just a delusional form of roleplay practiced by confused people attempting to break norms whilst reinforcing them tenfold, trying to seek validation and purpose in all the wrong places, and thus eventually wasting months to years of precious time on establishing this pathetic falsehood.

in other words, consider it a preemptive immobilizing stab to your future accomplishments. honestly.

You know, I hate to inform these people of the facts of life, but I am going to do so anyway.

Dear nonbinareh/genderfood/demihurl/godknowswhatlabelwillcomenext
sips alcohol make me forget i decided t o write this post

Outside the web, most people will refer to you by what gender you appear to be. thus, male or female. 

You can whine about that all you want. Nobody cares. You will only hurt yourself.

Nobody is going to ask you for your pronouns. Nobody is so patient or polite, especially if you have just been introduced. Nobody will do that shit outside the web unless they're somehow entwined in the pathetic PC circle already, although most people are not. Correcting a person will not earn you any favors.

Asking to be called an "It" makes people immensely uncomfortable and generally nobody will do that either. Hell, I feel like I'm dehumanizing with singular "they" if someone is in the same presence as me. I'm still not used to it. I can use it indiscriminately, but in front of someone, I just feel like it's dehumanization. I'm sorry.

If you do not have gender dysphoria, which pretty much all of you don't, seeing as how you all seem to have no problem swinging between genders like it's a fucking game, you aren't trans, you have no reason to fall under the LGBTQ+ umbrella in the first place. You are not oppressed.

Most of you are young and stupid, and in a phase. You certainly are deluded to believe it's not a phase, but that's part of the great grandeur, until reality bitchslaps you in the ass.

It's LGBTQ+, not LGBTQIUA. I wouldn't be surprised if the U stood for Uranus or Urethra, I actually have no idea what it means, but i'm assuming it's some form of bullshittery. Saying the acronym is difficult enough irl without the inclusion of a shopping list of letters. Stop, if you really want to include your bull, that is what that magic "PLUS" sign is for!!

Just stop. Just don't transfer this to real life. Stay on the web. We don't want you bothering us.

Being friends with people like you is esseentially the equivalent of having to carefully tiptoe over fragile eggshells. It's fucking difficult and feels like a chore. This is actually based off personal experience from my perspective.. if you demand a thousand terms and conditions from me as if our relationship is a binding contract of fucking servitude, don't wonder why the hell I may decide to stop being your friend, don't wonder why I sever relations with you later. That's why. You're too damn stressful. If you really treasured your friends, wouldn't you prioritize them over your selfishness? Clearly, most of you can't.

Y'all are also hella self absorbed.

Snap out of it...

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