Monday, January 25, 2016

I'm Fine

It's not perfect. I am in no ideal situation right now. I'm one step away from deleting it all entirely, my Skype and my blog, but then I realize how much time and work I would have wasted.

Last night, I tossed and turned, in a cold sweat, during what I assume is something nightmarish I can't even remember now. It's psychosomatic bullshit, it's a guilty ringing conscious, it's an ugly rearing of the head of my inner demon, in a laughing uproar.

"Yeah, you, you stupid bitch. You can't keep anything you have intact."

Thanks for reminding.

My entire body is psychosomaticly angry, honestly, I can feel it. the ache in my arms from a probable muscle pull have been emphasized by my stress. My chest heaves.  I ate something and now my stomach cinches. It makes sense, I guess. What I have pitted at the bottom of me is not a very nice feeling,

I will get over my stupid ass losses. I will pulverize the pain of them. I'm not just gonna sit here and make myself a bed of straw to set aflame, lol. I'm not gonna suffocate on smoke. Wahh, wahh, wahhh, shut the fuck up with that poor pitiful me banter, I'm not.

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