Thursday, October 8, 2015

Asocial Justice: For some, "Healthy" now translates to "Landwhale"

We truly live in a place that has regressed so much. The only thing that has progressed in American terms for most of us Westerners, is our weight. The only thing that has balooned is our waistlines. As America gets fatter and fatter I feel like our humungous asses become the butt (ha ha, bad pun intended), of a thousand jokes elsewhere. And of course,  encouraging this bulging fatness is our lovely friend, Internet Social Justice, and the Fat Acceptance Movement.

The funny thing about the Fat Acceptance "Movement" is that its proponents generally do not move from behind the artificial light of their computers unless absolutely necessary, most of them to grab food, because that appears to be all they do every waking second of the day. Devour food. That is the only fathomable reason I can think of as to why someone would weigh so much. The only explanation. Aside from the obvious not getting exercise explanation, their food intake must be so much that they ballooned to three hundred some pounds.

To the fat acceptance movement, the fat are oppressed. The fat are suddenly a marginalized group that has been targeted for the shape of their body because that is the way they were born if we are using the technical definition of oppression here. Oh, boy.

While some may have a certain leniency towards weighing more later in life, and certain conditions, medications, and other factors may affect weight, no one is born morbidly obese.

Morbid obesity is not thrust upon a poor person, they are not forcefed by a maniac, morbid obesity or even being mildly weight is something that is often self induced, and was once self fulfilled. If you eat ten thousand calories a day and exert even two thousand of them out, the caloric intake is still massive. As someone who eats up around 1000-2500 a day at most and takes out much of it, I cannot fathom eating so much. 10,000 calories? That is well above three fast food meals a day, that is so far well above my normal dietary intake that I can't imagine how painful it must be on the stomach of someone who was of normal weight, or even someone who is slightly overweight. The point is, no one is forcing you to eat such an excessive amount of calories that it has resulted in a 200% weight gain from your original. So first and foremost, fat people are not oppressed, that is the first point i laugh at in the fat acceptance movement.

Fat people are not liked for their appearances, usually. That does not translate to oppression outright. The stereotype of being fat is usually associated with gluttony and slothfulness, both of which a chunk of people find to be repugnant, not everyone finds fat bodies attractive and that is just their set of tastes. There are plenty of fat bitches in the FA movement who do not like fat guys, so their hypocrisy is laughable. But on the flipside there is also a small demographic of fat fetishists who would like nothing more than to fuck fat people. Again, fat people aren't oppressed just because people don't find them attractive, and people do not want them to wear certain, showier styles. It is a matter of the fact that societally fatness is associated with disgusting behavior, lower life expectancy, and health problems, none of which most people want to deal with. That is point number one. People not finding you physically attractive because of your appearance is not discrimination, it is selectivity or preference. Preference is a whole different ballgame, I don't consider myself into some facial features or body types, and it is totally normal as humans to have different preferences facially, bodily, physically, and personality-wise. That does not make me a bigot.

It is true that fat people are additionally looked down upon, because much of the time they do embody the stereotype they claim not to. You see a lot of massive blokes that refuse to take care of themselves dressing as sloppily and as nastily as possible paying little heed to their hygiene. At the point of seemingly no return, which for most is over two thousand pounds, accessibility to cheap things is almost outlawed because no stores want to lose commerce selling 3x or 4x shirts that the majority of the lower overweight population will never buy. There is admittedly a much smaller selection of products for extremely fat people, as the US desperately tries to discourage its citizens from ballooning to worse weights. There are also many lazy fat people, who are held back by their weight and have become soft, accustomed to the lifestyle of laziness. Let's face the facts that very few notably fat people, anyone above the sizes stores tend to carry, 1x or 2x? You do not see those fuckers exerting themselves excessively in public. So, yeah, there is a lot of toxic attitude towards fat people, despite the fact that they now compile a third of american adults, but that still does not equate to oppression.

Fat is not inherent, fat is not usually hereditary, fat is once again, I said it earlier, a result of poor lifestyle choices. Choices. Being fat is, in near all cases, a choice! Your being the size of a whale has given me the impression that you obviously do not care about the way your body looks, and most of you do not.

Health does not equate to being so massive that you spill into the next airplane seat. Health does not equate to inability to fit through doors because the span of your fat is so wide that it cannot fit. Having rolls that tumble down past your legs, and calves the size of some people's thighs and waists, does not constitute health. And don't give me any of that "healthisT" talk. It has been proven that the fatter you are, the more at risk you are for heart conditions, among other things that can lead to an early fucking death. Fatter people, contrary to what the FA movement deludes themselves to believe, do not live longer. Your heart is literally so coated, and your valves so clogged, at 300+ lbs that it is hard to merely mobilize, what do you think is happening to your body? It's telling you to stop gaining, fatty! 

Seriously, I cannot even begin to express my qualms. If anyone has such illusions of grandeur that they believe being 300 lbs at anything under 6 feet, hell, even above, is healthy, then i truly feel the human race is doomed to an early extinction.

Fatness is a disorder, alright. A disorder of the mind. The compulsion to eat food in disgusting quantity is similar to the mindset of an eating disorder patient in some ways, it literally is a lack of impulse control. Now, some people are just gluttons naturally, but to say that there is not some underlying mental action going on here would in most cases be a lie. So in a way I feel terrible for some fat people, because the urge for many has become so uncontrollable that it has escalated to disorder. It needs to be understood that the desire to binge excessively is also an eating disorder, and that it should be treated. Simultaneously I also get incredibly angry whenever I see FA glorifying Tess Holliday and her extreme weight. She was a size sixteen once, and she's supposedly a twenty two now, I highly doubt that she's merely a twenty two, but that progression overtime has clearly showed that she gained. That she was not naturally that fat before. Even at a slightly shorter height, that is still SIX SIXES below. We need to not see fat people as victims nor as idols, we need to see them as people, but we also need to see them as people who obviously have a problem.

There will always be a stigma attached to being fat. Just as there will always be stigma attached to being too thin. There will often be stigma attached to extremes and nobody can control that, for it is just a fact of life. Should people be nicer and respectful, and understand that most fat people are ill? Yes. But should companies accommodate people the size of whales and be inclusionary of them, even in specialized settings? No, that is what things like plus size stores are for. That is why we have massive seating in certain areas, the only exception is airplanes. The world does not exist to accomodate to your comforts, but to be functional for the everyman, and the obese man is not quite the majority yet, but slowly, very very slowly walking there.

Fat is no longer a minority, to claim it to be is idiotic, to claim fat people oppressed, as if they cannot help themselves, as if they cannot help being fat, when most of their damage is self inflicted? I'm so sick of hearing excuses and justifications for obvious refusal and laziness. Stop blaming the whole wide world for your faults, and take responsibility for them. Take charge of them. Or let delusion ruin and rule you, look at how many fucks I give. If you're upward of 300 or 400 lbs you're facing an early demise nonetheless.

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