Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More dresses

I have a surprising amount of "casual-formal", if that's even a thing, dresses in my wardrobe, some from thrifting in the last few months while others are older pieces

Up, Up, and Away.

This one was originally sold at Anthropologie retailing for about 128 bucks. I don't know what the thrift price was because my sis bought it for me as a birthday gift, but it's very nice. My main issue with it lies in the fact that it's been stretched out slightly by someone chestier than me, and the fact that I feel I no longer have the ample cleavage to pull it off as well as a curvier woman would.

It's also an XS, which is of course, XS, fits pretty well in everything but the chest, I usually wouldn't call myself an XS…

The other issue with the chest is that it hangs low and my parents complain endlessly about how I'm showing too much tittayyyy. Not like I'm naked, guise. Also, I'm a flat board. Of course in the above pic I adhered to the bitching just to avoid more altercation (goddamn bandeau), but I digress.

The shame in not having DD tits anymore, tho. The shame.

Graduation dress

Technically, I wasn't graduating last year, I was just rooting for everyone who was. And trying to impress the salutatorian. Of course, like my over emotional and sappy self I ended up crying and quickly my hopes turned to ruin. If you haven't guessed it I wore this for Flaky Guy from the Week In Hell post. Eh, I still do care about him. That's the sad thing.

It's a nice dress, and the underlying slip cinches nicely around my boobs and hips, except the way the belted part, or whatever you'd call it is set, where it just makes me look odd and boxy for some reason. I mean, the dress is much more appealing in real life than in photograph, but I personally think in hindsight the cut isn't as well fit to my body type… ugh…

Floral Hell

I like florals, to an extent. They aren't nearly as flirty as dots, but the right color scheme really does do florals justice on me. This one, of course, is not helping me in the chest department, much like the Up and Away dress I think someone chestier could pull it off more effortlessly, but its waistline is better set than the previous dresses'. This was another thrift find. It's a 4; so the waistline is looser than expected, but it fits.

This has to be my favorite and most worn of the bunch, though to be fair it is also the oldest as well. I loooove love looooove this dress with all my vintage polka dot heart. It's showy without being overbearingly slutty, it's flirty without being classless or what people would deem as "trashy", it reaches just high enough to show leg without showing too much. The ruffles create the illusion of larger breasts, so I need not worry about looking flat, and a smaller waistline! It's so fuckin' perfect!

Not to mention I also have a cardigan with an inverted color scheme, also dotted, that corresponds well with this.

Lastly, and the newest addition

My buddy received this dress by proxy through her pastor, who I'm guessing is female, if females can be as such, and if not, then he's probably a close family friend with daughters? I don't know the story behind it, obviously, so I too received it by proxy from my friend, SEREEEEENAAAAAHHH (that's the way you pronounce her name in ~dramatic~ Spanish), being one of her friends and also probably the only size 2 among them, though I was skeptic at first that I'd fit in it at all.

After seeing the brand name though, I was determined to do what I could with it. Goddamn Anna. Fuckin'. Sui. Checked the tag and shit's made of real silk too. These things usually retail for two to six hundered bucks, maybe less considering it's a strappy dress and considerably old by now (I've tried asking around reddit and yahoo and skimming Sui's collections from the past, as well as using the product number? But to no avail, sadly, I wanted to know the original name and original price, dammit), but still, expensive designer dress, yeah?

Fortunately it fit like a charm, snugly around my chest without choking me, and loosely fanning out around my legs like it should. Perfect. I swear to god I am now forever in Sereeeena's debt for this dress. I ain't even kiddin'. I am so happy and so grateful for some reason.

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