Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SNSD / GG "You Think" MV & Screencaps (Image Heavy)

Ah, yes, SNSD, my first group and my admitted bias group. I have been with them since the RDR era, through the mess that was the IGAB era, the Catch Me If You Can weirdness, through the frank mediocrity that was PARTY, in spite of its awesome, should've been title track b-side, the far superior Check (which I'm glad was included on Lion Heart or else I'd probably be tearing someone at SM's hair out), I am admittedly a bit too much of a sucker for what SNSD has done in the past, despite some of their *ahem**coughcough* "recent" *coughcough* releases prior were just fucking hot messes. *cough*IGOTABOY*cough*.

IGAB was a weird era. The title song itself was a mess, but the CONCEPT was the true mess.

It was like the stylists at SM took some costumes intended for the quirky f(x), tossed them in the same garbage bin YG and 2NE1 used, and someone decided to go raid the trash for inspiration, found the leftovers, and decided to use them for GG, along with some wigs snatched from the department in charge of TTS, and combined the three to form whatever IGAB's mismatched, denim, jeremy scott esque nonsense was. It was far from their usual concept, it was outlandishly NOT THEM, it seemed like SM had handed off a f(x) concept to SNSD with no reason whatsoever.

 The girls makeup styling wasn't totally trashed during the IGAB area, but that couldn't even save the sheer amount of weirdness that was the promotional pictures, the photobook, and the video. Mostly the photobook... for example, one of Sunny's hairstyles. It looks like they drew inspiration from a moptop canary that mated with Big Bird. Jesus CHRIST.

May we hope and may we pray that Sunny's hair never sees this kind of unethical treatment again.

 This time, at least, SM seems to understand what a mess they made, and ergo went with something a little tamer for Lion Heart and You Think. The teaser pictures released were nice, stylistically trumping the vibrant hellscape that was the IGAB era (especially the Lion Heart ones).

 My main gripe, and why I feel Lion Heart was the more aesthetically appealing, better done video over "You Think", was that "You Think" had slight problems with its concept, mostly because someone over at SM thought it would be wise to have the girls wear a lot of unneeded belts. But it's still pretty minor and i'd consider it a vast improvement over anything the IGAB era had to offer (besides Sica...)

The styling in the video was on point, even if the belts were a bit excessive, everyone looks reasonably hot, the hair colors and makeup aren't too jarring, the clothes are relatively fitting for the concept, minus the belts (fuck whoever came up with that, fuck the belts in general, fuck the fucker who decided that somehow emulating the megane fucker from AMNESIA, also known as the dude of a thousand belts).

 The song itself is pretty decent and much of a step up from PARTY's generic, light, breezy, production- that was easily overshadowed by far superior summer releases (though Check is still my fucking jam). In contrast to its predecessor, You Think is a loud, thumping dance track. It's not some breezy bubbly affair, and it's not a bopping throwback like the coupling track "Lion Heart". It's strong and sassy, though I expected upon hearing the demo that the girls would adapt it pretty well, so I wasn't worried.

I have always enjoyed the way SNSD's songs have sounded, how the members sound individually, and how they sound together harmonizing. Though the demo was leaked a while ago, and though I am quite used to SAARA's engiish version, I do not find SNSD's version to be a step down. I think they sung it well, suitably. 

I think it is a well produced and catchy song.The demo was more processed than SNSD's version, it might take a little getting used to to get SAARA's more computerized sass out of my mind, tho....

Of course, there's a catch, there always is.

srry sm, you ain't free from my criticisms cuz'a my bias

They just HAD to leave the rap section in, as short as it is, they just had to leave that in?

 Come on, SM, we already established this with IGAB. pretty much no one can fucking rap in SNSD. 

At LEAST they didn't give it to Tiffany (*gag*), I can handle Hyo rapping. 

In other departments, the dance was fairly good, lots of hot gyrating, as expected with a jam like this, I don't know choreo very well, so I don't consider myself a worthy judge for such things. I think it was very befitting considering.

 I particularly like when Seo broke into a split. Dayyuuuum.

All in all, You Think is far from the perfect song, but it hearkens back to a more likable era of GG that didn't include messy compositions and nonsense raps spread throughout the song. Does it have its flaws? Yes, but is it listenable. is is good, is it a catchy comeback song that blows PARTY out of the water? Hell to the yeah.This is a vast improvement over meh meh meh P A H T YY YYYY. The video, and the girls, look far hotter than their flouncy, jean and white top PARTY counterparts, they look confident and fierce. Except for the belts. Unless SM's decided to take their name a little too literally and start catering to the sadomasochist, bdsm play crowd, there REALLY ain't a need for that many belts.

So, without further ado, a shitton of screencapas exhibiting both the overuse of belts and general hotness. Someone should especially give Tae's stylist a raise in particular here. Holy shit, she looks flawless.

in other words if you came here lookin'4fap material, here's some 
in fact,here they all are in a google folder 

I might recap this if logoless ever comes out, because the sm logo is annoying as shit

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