Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Nozomi Sasaki: B-I-T-C-H all the time

I was recently surprised to learn that the actress who played the surprisingly relatable character (in my case), MIINA, on First Class, Sasaki Nozumi, is in fact a cunt. And not in the vaginal sense, in a "I Can't Believe People Put Up With The Bullshit She Spouts But I Don't Know Maybe They Agree with Her Stupid Ass?" sense.
Sasaki, a model turned actress, is renowned in Japan for being fap material for men, probably on 2channel, who have from my sparse reading of 2chan posts about her, that I've run across, have usually deemed her as such.

Standing at 168 cm, allegedly, and of an unknown weight, with a body that can only be described as quite similar to that of a 12 year old, that makes my love, Nicole Ishida look "fat", Sasaki is quite well known otherwise in Japan outside of 2ch as an actress, and also, apparently, a BITCH.

Sasaki is apparently, according to stories from fellow models, a merciless, loose canon, who has very little filter between those dick suckling lips of hers. Though this was apparently when she was in her teens, it has followed Sasaki long into her twenties. In a contrast to her milder character, MIINA, Sasaki in her teens was what one can simply be described as a STONE. COLD. BITCH.

Consider her a ruder ERENA from First Class, really.
I'm a bitch, walkin' down the streeeeeet.

Sasaki's outspoken opinions include a matter of rude, fat shaming, racist remarks. She was notorious for bullying "fat" models, who weren't actually "fat" by any standards at all, but by her standards "fat". I find this funny because apparently Sasaki used to be chubby herself. What a stench of hypocrisy reeks from you, Sasaki, and I thought I almost liked you. Pffff.

Of course, that's far from the most offensive thing Sasaki has said. Among her other rather offensive, or rather, just rude, unfiltered thoughts, includes the belief that foreign models, all foreign models, eys, ALL FOREIGN MODELS, are "FAT". Karlie Kloss, that bag of skin and bones? Fat. Candice Swinepool? Fat. Giselle? Fat. All of them? Fat. Who's winning in the idiot department? Sasaki, Sasaki, Sasaki-channnnn~

Dear god, after merely reading about that, I felt a bit of anger actually well up in me towards this woman. I don't even know if it's true. But given the diva attitude of women in showbiz, who's to say it's not probable, if not 100% true? Who's to say that the idiot Sasaki isn't, and didn't become some kind of warped bully, after being bullied herself as a younger person, likely, towards other women to bolster her own self esteem?


 Perhaps Nicole "ERENA" Ishida was right, even as a fictional persona, about "MIINA". Reading up on Sasaki's history now, I gotta wonder if Nicole herself dealt with bullshit from her during filming, both being half Western and having a healthier BMI, which by Sasaki standards, is a fat pig.

Stop the presses, she's 50 kilos!

 "You bitch" indeed, ERENA.
Well, at least Nicole, in my humble opinion, is hotter than her. To each their own, but Sasaki's personality is hella uggo.
I'll take me some cute little hafu over some bully. Every day.

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  1. LOL @ the fact that you're taking her remarks seriously and thinks Nicole Ishida would be offended. Angelic Goddess Sasaki Nozomi 4lyfe <3