Wednesday, August 5, 2015

More side notes:

Aka things I need to do:

1. Already mentioned in whatever shitty "tag" system this site has, need to change the theme of this because it's a horrendous offense to my small visitor bases' eyeballs (sorry guise)

2. Need to finish unfinished articles, even if I have to discuss Sasaki's punchable face (damn twat, I really want to punch her fat cheeks, and no, not those fat cheeks because dem ass cheeks are as flat as her washboard tittayyyys)

3. One of these days I'd like to do an experiment to see how badly I'd get slammed by ugly basement dwelling 2ch even if my Japanese is poor, gotta wonder how brutal they can be, the answer is probably "very", worse come to worse if I ever do pick up that "experiment" they'll just ignore me

4. Make a new header for this shit place because it's outdated as fuck and my new tumblr sure as hell ain't Nasubacon since some bitch stole the URL to post pictures of actual bacon, I kid you not, then get up and leave, considering they haven't posted since my hayday as a raging bitch I'm quite sure they're not going to release the URL. Also, my photoshop skills have improved and I don't want my header to show me as more weeaboob trash than I already come across, foreal!

5. I don't know abt the whole AKF thing maybe i should've just sent the post to them privately but whatever what's done is done

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