Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Misc notes

I remember when but a year ago, I sounded like a social justice Radfem in my angry callouts to Anti Kpop Fangirl, and in hindsight, I was fucking idiotic for that. It can be laid to rest, I wrote it when i was a misinformed and idiotic hormone driven seventeen year old with little petty problems. I went up against a site unprovoked, and personally, I got what I deserved even if it took a year for reality to stop slapping me upside the head repeatedly.

Of course, I just let it rot because while I know it garners plentiful attention - even after all this time I swear I've had comments as recent as Summer '14 if not Fall '14 posted on it - I wish there was a way to say to the mods of Anti Kpop Fangirl that I am sorry. I just haven't found out how. Majority probably don't recall anyway, but I am sorry. 

See, I'm problematic myself, it's mostly in the past but drama has involved me and others and totally soiled what were once nice little friendships, mainly due to sj bullshit and my own poor behavior causing individuals not want to interact with me.

And I understand it now, i really do, but even so, taking a stand against SJWs is an exhilarating ride. It's kind of nice, actually. I'm really sick of them existing. To be blatantly honest. And I essentially fit the criteria for one of them once!! But even so , even so!!! I am no longer going to dare identify with them…

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