Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Asocial Justice: Two Types of Self Diagnosis

credit: snowflakegraveyard @ tumblr 

most transtrending underage, uneducated children are excuse #2, and occasionally you'll find some twentysomethings speckled among them.

My father says that special snowflakes often grow up to become pretentious and self indulgent adults, and that once they begin driving, often are among the worst drivers ever- given their mentality that everyone must obey them.

Misc fact: I would say my mother is an adult special snowflake, she seems to think she deserves everything even though she's an infantile little bitch who abuses everything she touches, barring animals or clothing articles. The funny thing is she actually thought of herself as a shitty kid. Who knows, maybe she's just the most overgrown BPD case. She's an abrasive and sad human who'll be alone in her latter life, that's for sure.

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