Sunday, January 25, 2015

Asocial Justice: Sweet PSA: Dear SJWs

Mental illness isn't normalized. Being abused is not normalized. Being transgender or without a gender is not normalized. These things only affect a marginal portion of the population and should not be considered normalized. What they are plainly and simply are disorder, disease, and defect. Being mentally ill more often than not is inherent or environmentally formed. It is not a choice. Being abused is an environmental thing as well. It is not a choice. Feeling like you've been born in the wrong body is not a choice, being trans or agender is not a choice and one does not simply develop "dysphoria" randomly. These three things and more need to stop being used as accessories by teenagers. Online. We need to stop the misused of words like ableism to describe terms such as "stupid". Demeaning someone's intelligence is not insulting the fact that they have a disorder. 

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