Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Asocial Justice #4: nounself and specialized pronouns, weighing in on ihatecispeople

And this is where the English language goes to die. I am sorry to inform you all that it's time to talk about the atrocities to human speech as we know it, namely the english language, since it's the only language that seems to be spoken by and house all the loonies who use these false little pronouns.

Neopronouns, or otherwise specialized pronouns, strictly nounself, are ultimate deconstruction of our language as we know it and a literal butchering of normalized speech.

I can forgive the fact that they're made up, but what really irks me about personalized and special pronouns is that, in the context of the English language, or ANY, pronouns are mere ways of refferring to oneself often by gender.

Now I'm not going to say NB isn't valid, there are some very kind NB tumblr inviduals I have met, though they're far outnumbered by the shitwads. However, whenever any of them start screaming ze/zir or fae/faerself and have to provide an explanation as to its usage, they've gone too far. They is a perfectly acceptable pronoun that can be used singularly and pluraly to identify oneself and their cronies, and I personally think that NB individuals whom use they/them as their standalone or secondary pronouns may actually have a brain cell fluttering inside their cranium.

However, here we get to the deconstruction, that sometimes these people succumb to the assimilation and the pressure of SSS, longhand, Special Snowflake Syndrome.

I from the sidelines watched two people I swore i wrote off as independent and unchangable morph from slight social justice advocates into otherkin mental illness faking brats with personalized pronouns and tiny text font blogs, and coupled those disgusting attributes- lots of pretentious selfies of their frankly ugly faces. Hey, I myself am not the prettiest little girlie and I admit it, but these people are uuuuuuugly. 

From they/them or she/her to the nonsensical zie/zer and the "quirky" fae/fur with the originals sunken to auxiliary, only for whomever SJWs camp under the "nuerodivergent" umbrella (which in my honest and ignorant opinion sounds like a fictional arc of a warped science fiction series). Shelved is the normalcy and there begins the crazy.

If you have to present examples and write sentences showing your pronoun's usage, I am sorry to say, it is not one and should be eradicated from the face of the earth. Here's the thing to begin with.

Pronouns aren't supposed to be personalized in any way, shape or form, they are nondescript and intended for secondary reference of a person. Most pronouns are gender based, though there are a few with neutral ground, and yes, SJWs, one point I will admit is like the remainder of the English language, they're all "made up" themselves. Consider this; what was their intended usage? To be simple words used for secondary identification of a person and an alternative to their given name? Or as accessories and kawaiih desudesu dessuu accessories that are intended to distinguish you FRM ALL DA OTHER PPL U FINK R BOOORING!!!

Yeah, the latter is what you all are using, don't even try to resort to your petty ad ludicrous denial in this, you're doing this to try and be a noncomformer, trendy and hip, but also, UR OWN GENDER N IDENTIT Y WIFF DISSOCIATIONS and all that: meanwhile, I'm kind of on the verge of sobbing in my room with laughter, quaking out of what might be laughter, fright, or both melded. 

You're not following the intended usage of pronouns and the way they are defined grammatically, and pronouns in no way are supposed to contain a combination of noun+self as many do. There's a very notable example in my sweet little anti friend Idislikecispeople's blog, who I've actually sent anon mail to to spite her and watch her cringey responses to me being purposefully mouthy and "SWOOPI ABLEWIST!!!!", which by the way, are hilarious. 

Young idiot Katarina, who i do not feel like respecting enough to call by her "nicknamu", is a ten year old child deprived of mommy and daddy's love trapped in the body of a twenty two year old trans woman who is a disgrace to the actual transgender communities that exist IRL, and their dysorphia. 

Not only did she coin the obnoxious and how widespread "tucute", which claims that trans identies aren't defined always by gender dysorphia, at least, ON TUMBWR, and is also a user of a gross set of pronouns, combining weeb garbage and the nounself hype.

Kitsune + self.
Kitself. Kits. It apparently has four forms instead of four, which defies the very structural element of pronouns themselves and that, they're supposed to have four fucking forms. 

Yes, this is a twenty two year old saying these things. Shes clearly deranged. She's clearly an uneducated child. No linguistics major, probably holds no position of importance in the workplace, if she works at all!! and seems to live off her PayPal money offered to her by the snowflakes whose grubby little pockmarked cheeks are streaming with tears because of her apparent situations, such as supposedly being unable to afford her insulin and whatnot WIFFOUT OTHER PPLS HELPUUU!!!. And they still continue to provide this twat the basic needs to live through PayPal. 

If only PP could ban self pity parties and their fundraisers so that they'd perhaps trudge to the door in their bursting Hot Topic tees - that are prepped to explode and burst into shreds, barely clinging to their obese frames - so that they could work real jobs, in the real world, where internet isn't accessible 24/7 during work hours. Sadly, there's not a way to to so. There no way to coddle the idiots nicely and tell them that they're being scammed, because they'll just refer to me incorrectly as an ableist using one of their listed and supposed  "slurs". 

More on Snowflakey Kitsune:
Claims to be survivor of CSA, is likely faking for attention
Claims to be mentally ill but self diagnosed and claims she'll see a doxor soon. Yeah, that will happen, ten years from.......... NEVER.
Only says occasional redeeming thing about cis people and acts as if we're all scummy scum on the bottom of society's shoe. Reminder that trans people wouldn't be here if cis people didn't ever reproduce in the first place, fuckboy.

Ihatecispeople seems to be either a highly elaborate 4chan prank or an actual person with severe delusions and a mastery of manipulation over teenagers who berates everything that disagrees with her and thrusts the fans into her loving arms, only to squander them and maim them later because they say something out of line. She's like a younger version of my mother and seems not only unstable but abusive as well. Which kind of makes me want to hunt the bitch down and smash my tiny Accord into her house, damaging it maximally, so that thou stuffeth, especially the machine of witchcraft and bullshit that is the computer, shall be destroyed. And along with it perhaps the Wicked Bitch of the Web herself, one of the few SJWs who I've felt as being so irksome that I actually think they deserve to be homicidally murdered for the betterment of the world; alongside my specialkin DID ramblers and the kiddie cutter who seem to also dabbling in insanity and are the farthest thing from healthy, to the point of where they're scaring their own parents and siblings who i can only imagine are appalled by what their once innocent child has become.

Nevertheless, as I said, pronouns aren't terms meant to be personalized, that is what we have NAMES and NICKNAMES for. Our personal identity is our name and does not lie in what pronouns we use, never has, never will. If you need special pronouns to validate your identity, you my friend, are highly deprived of reality and need a dosage of sun, perhaps the scald and the glare in your eyes, will actually help you come to the realization that there's a world besides the enclosed and biased walls of social justice tumblr, that is far more marvelous and bonafide than your hovel of a room that your parents or animals keep telling you to come out of.

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