Sunday, September 7, 2014

social justice sticklers and the repercussion that they'll face

also im going to be honest and completely honest

you guys with the special snowflake attitude and the nobody understands me schtick need to realize that

in the real world, NOBODY will tolerate your bullshit and you will be literally left alone and miserable spouting shit like “cis peeple die”

 in the real world you have to act like an adult- not a child throwing a tantrum. Nobody will take you seriously if you hold one person rallies against things that most people don’t even understand because, by GOD! they’re not users of tumblr and not devout “social justice” freaks

 though this pretty much applies to anyone with immature behavior and nothing that fully contradicts or compensates for it. Including, sometimes, me. You are literally fucked if you keep up your crap, potential employers will find out all you’ve done. I am not lying. And if they find your online history, well, then that little eulogy will likely prevent you from being hired. Nobody wants a nutjob with an attitude problem and an ego the size of Texas representing their company. NO ONE. Your online history is an open book and I too will eventually face repercussions for my own misgivings here as well. We all may make mistakes. But threatening to exterminate an entire group will be perceived as a form of terrorism. I guarantee. 

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