Tuesday, September 16, 2014


today, some chick asked me honestly if I had a mental problem, and I answered, like an idiot, with a yes. And then came the wave of inquiries that would undoubtedly send me to the bathroom later for five minutes to sit and rethink my decision to even admit to her that.

Why are people so fucking concerned when they find out you're sick in the head? What is so significant and question worthy about clinical, chronic depression, that this normal girl wants to know? I made this shit for myself, by even saying it, but still, the imposition high schoolers employ on their poor introvert peers…
JEESUS I just had to go to the washroom to escape it I can't deal with being asked so many questions and thereafter being shown numerous websites of positivity!

I know this girls trying to help but she'd be doing better by leaving me the fuck alone.

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