Monday, March 31, 2014

So, ever since that shitstorm... *life update*

Wow, what the hell have I done on this blog? Nothing, clearly. Nothing, really. A whole lot of nothing. I've not even visited the likes of AKF or SS in months.

There's nothing I can really fill you in on, there's some things I might not mention, for personal reasons. Perhaps, after this is posted, I'll redirect you to my new tumblr. Maybe I won't. I don't know. This girl doesn't want to hurt anymore. I'm in a better place now, even if sometimes, I wish that better place was hell.... or even heaven, or some abyss where I'd drift for eternity, after committing suicide....

Moving along, this post is going to talk about a lot. It's nothing you should read if you want to insult me.... not sure if any of you AKF bitches still hang around this dingy little blog I own, but I should take the precaution of including a break.

forewarning: the following will contain vulgar language, mentions of -phobis, suicide,  cutting, and many more potentially triggering subjects. if you feel uncomfortable at any time, stop reading. Resume your reading if you get ahold of yourself. If you don't feel like you can read further, please don't. I don't wish to burden you, and I definitely don't wish to give you suicidal thoughts.