Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shitfaced for two days

I rang in the New Year with a semi hangover and a shitty fucking headache. Mind you, I'd had only two Grey Goose/Soda combos and yet, felt pitifully dizzy, drunk and stupid. 

Tonight, I had a glass o' wine, alongside three I Can't Remember the Name of the Vodka / DP cocktails. After finishing my third, I was so fucking dizzy I couldn't stand straight. Couldn't type properly. I was shivering, and then I was overheated. I was a fucking anxious mess who'd had yet to take her meds and was clearly as drunk as a motherfuckin' skunk. So, after a rather numbing bath, embarrassing tumblr posts, and a stumble into the wall, I finally crashed. Thank god it was on my bed. 11:30. I ACTUALLY SLEPT BEFORE 12 AM.

I woke up at 3 with the sudden urge to shit and a disgusting stomachache. Later it was accompanied by blaring headache. I ended up shitting about 5 lbs worth of diherreal mess.

This is a true testimony as to how bad my alcohol tolerance is and why you should never let me within ten feet of your liquor cabinet. Way to ring in the new year, audrey, by being an idiot.

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