Monday, December 9, 2013

39 kg, in my nightmares

the fact that Hyuna weighed less than my sister, who is exceedingly thin, while being slightly shorter than her, during Bubble Pop! promotions is just another reason for me to hate the kpop industry

Hyuna at about 45 kg, her body is scary and you can see the bitch's ribs, but at 39 she looked skeletal I bet. So glad I never watched any BP perfs. I think I would have had the desire to throw up my lunch.

Not because of the anorexic state of her body, but because of my uncontrollable desire to be thinner, thinnest, nothing. one day maybe I'll just wither away from being too thin.

Thinspo just needs to be removed from the internet. then maybe I won't feel so fat.

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