Friday, October 4, 2013

Sick of idols, just want to listen to the music

to be honest, I'm kind of sick of idols, and the kpop industry, the only think I really give a shit about anymore is whatever music being churned out that I like... I rarely watch MVs or shows, let alone even give a shit about my former biases anymore, I just don't care, the music for me is really all that's there, I'll keep up with the news, but I feel like getting involved in it... is just going to end badly for me.

I'm sick of this dumb, vain, fantasy-land that kpop tries to be, I'm sick of seeing the sticky sweetness on top, when beneath there is a filthy underbelly, a nasty part of the kpop industry, couch casting, assault, forced surgery, slave contracts.

The kpop industry is not all it appears to be, not everything it releases is golden

it's like the Gilded age; outlined in gold for the watchers, the readers, the listeners, the consumers, and the money starved producers but for the idols, it's hell on earth. It's so tacky and fake, and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of regular TV and MVs, they're just... ugh. Regardless of the country, I just feel like every single thing is fake and has a disgusting side to it... I don't feel like participating in certain things, and when I do, I'm negative. Negative negative. My outlook on life is cynical and bitter. Bitter like coffee, with added prune juice flavor or some shit.

I'm never satisfied with life anymore, I seriously feel like there is nowhere that I'm going. Even if I have people who support me I will never be truly, truly happy. Meds only help so much.

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