Friday, October 4, 2013

110 lbs again!

Well, it appears since the last time I weighed myself, I've shrunk down to 110 yet again!

excuse the semi nakedness, I'm sure you've all already seen my shitty ass tumblr photo already, also the pantsu's words umm... they're comfortable, but I hate the fact that it says that over my vajayjay.... fuckkkkkkkkkkk you VS (nice choice of words there, dumbass)
Well, now that I'm back to Tiffany weight, should I push for that Hara weight, or just stay the same? ET wouldn't like me stealing her thunder, would she?
I honestly think Alien weight is not obtainable... nor is Sooyoung weight. Skinny ass bitches ain't got no problems because they're like my sister, Advocates For Anorexics Anonymous Yo! 'cept they be naturally anorexic!
Measurements still: 32/25.5/32.5 IIRC, can my waist get smaller than 24 inches or is it doomed to be this size forever?

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