Wednesday, September 18, 2013

iPod's dying

Thank god I have it backed up, I'm upgrading to a referb-d, not overused Gen 4 iPod now; it contains the same space amount, 32g, I just don't know if I'll be able to install the update, what with my 3200 songs (it was originally over 3900, I deleted a bulk of the songs that somehow remained on the iPod when I strictly remember deleting them and a ton of other tracks that were either duplicates or things I no longer had a desire to listen to)

The main reason why I'm doing this is because;
a. My volume button is cracked.
This happened with age, my 3rd gen is almost if not already, two years old. It's been used time and time again, and yes, I confess, I've dropped it. A crack developed in the volume button. It's only a slight nuisance

b. the headphone jack is severely overworked, and it doesn't want me to listen to my music in both ears. This isn't funny.

I looove music in my ears. in my ears, on both sides of my ears; left, right, 

while the sides are not perfectly balanced, I just love the sound. It's immersive.

 So when I noticed my headphones were all breaking, only allowing me to listen to music in the left or right ear, after being connected to my iPod, I was angry. However, when I rethought the situation, I guessed that the iPod's headphone hole itself was the issue. And I still think it's the problem. This is a major complaint from me; I hate blasting my music out loud, I'm quite sensitive to letting people see or hear what I listen to, especially in a public place. I guess I'm fearful that they won't like my music or that the music will draw attention to me, when attention from strangers is the last thing I want. Therefore I prefer to listen to my music using headphones or earbuds.

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