Monday, September 16, 2013

Gaining back the 3 lbs I didn't want to

I weigh 113 again

Juuuust when I swore I'd not gain past 110 , my exercise habits dwindled due to my school schedule… fuck.

It's coming to the point of where I'm quite obsessive about my weight and what I eat again, I'm quite hesitant to accept my not so skinny friend's snack offers… because, welllll I don't want to eat that fattening shit. I ain't even counting calories, I'm just avoiding all lunch and snacks till further notice. I can't force myself to get out of bed at 10 am in the morning and exercise, and I feel like… for lack of a better word, bloated. I've only gained THREE POUNDS.

I can't even walk the dog or eat a meal or even a fucking granola bar without feeling like an out of shape granny because everyone and their mother has been force feeding me. Not that I couldn't refuse, but then they'd definitely figure I'm sick. Also, I've not been able to exercise for an hour and a half due to my shit schedule, and as I stated before my unwillingness to do so in the morning.

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