Sunday, August 4, 2013

Onision rant (originally from my tumblr)

Onision’s fanbase is primarily composed of stupid little shit fangirls who defend his every waking move Onision knows his fanbase is comprised of teenaged kids who are easily influenced (not saying all of them are, but hey, I’m a teen myself) by him, and therefore easily manipulated. Into basically pouncing on anyone who insults their precious Greg; disliking their videos, false flagging, all that wonderful stuff.

Greg is crazy, in my opinion; just… borderline psychotic, and I don’t see what the appeal to his videos is. I’m a Banana just simply creeped me out, the first video I saw of his, ever. And literally, a few hours after me and my sister watched it, we coincidentally had a fight, a long, painful, insult filled, nasty hitting-punching-kicking, teary, and worst of all, pointless, time wastingFIGHT. Since I’ve felt like every time I’ve watched his videos, it just makes something BAD happen. It’s likely coincidental.

However, I’ve just never liked Greg’s videos, never. If I came across them in say, seventh grade, when I was an emofagging bitch with dark eyeliner pooling beneath my eyes, all-black clothes and straightened hair, with bangs so long that they covered my left eye, who cut herself out of sheer depression, I might actually be a part of his frantic fanbase. But seeing Onision’s stuff now, as a far more mature, less sad girl, who clambered out of her hole of bitchiness, I can say for sure that I don’t find his content to be appealing in any way, shape or form at this time, and i probably never will. Prior to stumbling across “Worst Youtuber" videos and Rep’s rant about the A&F CEO, I had no idea Greg existed; perhaps because I don’t sub the most popular people on YT, or with the exception of Ryan Higa and Pewdiepie, both of which I find to be fairly entertaining.

But now that I’ve delved into what’s happened with Onision and his girlfriends, his vegetarian rant, etc, I can honestly say that he sounds like a detestable, awful human being. He’s cowardly, ironically, what he called Rep, sticking his fan turds on anyone who insults him instead of handling the situation, and just ignoring people who have opinions. Like, okay, you have an opinion of me, that’s fine, we’re all entitled to our own. That’s a sane response to people who criticize you. And then there’s Onision. ZOMG YOU ALL HATE ME! GO BANANAS, ATTACK THEM, SPAM THEIR VIDEOS! I CAN’T TAKE FUCKING CRITICISM, I’M NUMBER ONE! NO ONE CAN INSULT MEH HAHAHAHA ANYONE WHO HAS AN OPINION CAN SUCK MY DICK!

Look, buddy, we all have our opinions. Some of them aren’t so nice. There’s plenty of opinions people have given to me, about myself, that I disagreed  with or hated. But you know what I did? I went on with life. I tried to kill myself two times; and thought often of suicide even more, but I’m still fucking alive. This world is full of critics, if you can’t take a couple rant vlogs about you from guys on the internet, that is your problem, and yours alone. You are an arrogant son of a bitch, and I hate you strongly. Your videos are downright crappy and it’s awful that you’re earning roughly ten thousand per month by using AdSense on your videos. You are not a hardworking person, you’re a cheap, stupid bastard, and I hope in the next few years you fade into obscurity, never to be brought back to YouTube again. It’s a pity that there are people who work tons more than you, yet earn a quarter, half, or even less of what your YouTube income is. It MAKES ME SICK.

If I met you in real life, Greg, I’d consider kicking you in the balls. Or injuring you worse. I usually don’t dislike people on the internet this much, especially Youtubers, but you make me want to stick my hand into a scalding oven and burn my arm, badly.  Or cut myself again,

It’s a pity the government didn’t force him to have a license to reproduce, because now his barely legal wife is going to be popping out a child. I prey that his wife takes that baby far far away from its daddy. And marries a nice, respectable fellow, that is NOT GREG. I fear for this baby knowing that it might be raised by Greg. Oh dear god. The horror.

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