Friday, August 2, 2013

My hate of twerking

I've never been a dance fan, that is something I'd like to share. Especially flavor of the week dances I used to participate in as a mindless middle school (6th-7th grade) zombie (aka, mainstream music listener, emo eyeliner, emo music listener and general bitchy bitch); when Soulja Boy's dance was fucking popular. There's stuff as a child that I did, like the macarena, which I remember fondly and I don't mind Gangnam style, but then along comes.... twerking.

Twerking is basically where some bitch shakes her ass, i'm really not wanting to explain it further. I just dislike it. Not just because I myself am a terrible dancer, but because I just find it completely and utterly pointless, and stupid. It's like the harlem shake, and it's outlived its stay on this planet.

When my sister and her brain-dead drone middle school friends made a video, I tried my best to ignore it, and not criticize them... I really tried. But I couldn't fucking help it, I told her and her dumb, popular buddies that I thought their video was fucking stupid (maybe more mildly than that, try, without the 'fucking'). They're anorexic white chicks doing a dance where you have to have an actual ass to shake. Watching them try is laughable. And it really irritates me that kids these days, or rather, middle schoolers, do that for fun. It's a stupid dance and seeing people do it, regardless of what they look like, it's annoying. Twerking just makes me GAG.

Just like I hate seeing five year old kids who have their own iPhones. IT JUST PISSES ME OFF. I can't explain it fully.

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  1. I just love your blog and the way you actually write down everything that comes in your mind or something like I don't even know like I'm hungry . See ya.