Monday, July 29, 2013

UK to censor their internet

The internet is supposed to be a free place, uncensored, where people can speak their mind. It is a wondrous place that I discovered at a tender age. I never delved into the real internet until age twelve though, and I've only really brushed the surface. Beneath, on the .onion servers, exists much more, and supposedly, that's where the real secrets hide.

And now the UK (and some useless male twat by the name of David Cameron, who I think might be the prime minister- by the way, you're doing a terrible job at it, sir!) has decided to make a law, because parents are fucking idiots who won't supervise their children, censoring the internet. Blocking all porn; and optionally, blocking sites related to drugs, games, etc. And supposedly conspiracy theorist bullshit.

Well, I'm a US citizen, but looking at this.......
This is a bad idea. A bad idea.

If this happens in one western country, it will no doubt lead these filters being forced on OUR INTERNET somewhere along the way.  

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