Monday, July 29, 2013

UK to censor their internet

The internet is supposed to be a free place, uncensored, where people can speak their mind. It is a wondrous place that I discovered at a tender age. I never delved into the real internet until age twelve though, and I've only really brushed the surface. Beneath, on the .onion servers, exists much more, and supposedly, that's where the real secrets hide.

And now the UK (and some useless male twat by the name of David Cameron, who I think might be the prime minister- by the way, you're doing a terrible job at it, sir!) has decided to make a law, because parents are fucking idiots who won't supervise their children, censoring the internet. Blocking all porn; and optionally, blocking sites related to drugs, games, etc. And supposedly conspiracy theorist bullshit.

Well, I'm a US citizen, but looking at this.......
This is a bad idea. A bad idea.

If this happens in one western country, it will no doubt lead these filters being forced on OUR INTERNET somewhere along the way.  

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Seventhstyle makes me lose faith in humanity
Massive oppai
Excuse me while I laugh.

First of all, 32 inches, by all means isn't a large bust, when I was a DD my bust was larger than that. If The Stupid Whore Annoyance Tsundere Kirino weighed, I don't know, a normal, healthy weight, and wasn't thin, her bust would be larger. By no means is 32 inches impressive, but it's too large for a girl with such tiny hips and waist measurements; anime is not generally proportionate in terms of art, but I digress. Forty five kilograms, or 99 lbs, at 165 cm, or 5'5", by the BMI scale, is immensely underweight; and most importantly, fits the qualifications for an eating disorder. This is coming from someone who by the BMI scale is considered underweight herself! I'm 110 lbs at 5'6" and I managed to work down to that weight by exercise and slight diet changes, with some assistance from laxatives along the way. Conclusion, I think it's not very admirable that SS condemns the little tsundere bitch pro-ana advocate. 

Seventhstyle is a site I have a problem with. While it's articles are coherent and very well written, the writing is wasted. it's biased to male aimed anime, and glorifies females, while criticizing anime aimed at girls, specifically, Free! referring it to it as 'homo' (which by the way, it is not, having watched all the episodes so far, I honestly don't ship anyone, and I know males, straight males, who enjoy the comedic aspects of  Free! Also, I dislike yaoi and yaoi stereotypes). Yet they praise yuri, oppai, panty shots, all those typical fanservice tropes; while openly detesting anime that is not meant for them, that they refuse to give a chance.

I was a site member, who was likely banned because of my argument on an article about Free! 
I'm not angry or butthurt about the banning, but I'm not satisfied that they're forbidding me for stating my opinion. 

I also dislike the fact that they lump all Free fans in the same group, as idiotic fangirls, foaming at the mouth at every single yaoi fanart or fanfiction, as greasy, landwhale, weebs. It's the archetype that 4chan has about fangirls as well, and it's disgusting. You can be a fangirl without being a hambeast or a drooling imbecile. I'm a sane person who, yes, occasionally fangirls over anime characters. 

Point taken, SS is biased site, with pointless articles, irrelevant to my own interests, with nasty mods who are willing to ban any person with a different opinion.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Body fat finally shows up on some k celeb, /cries

Behold, some actual body fat
On a Korean celebrity!
Which from the article in Korean, which I can't read but from the picture I assume is one of the SNSD triplets (yoona or yuri I think
/I'm crying okay
I mean finally some form of flab on a KR celeb, somewhere besides the belly area
And you know what, I'm NOT BASHING THIS, I'm not saying it's bad!

I'm glad that they have some fat on their skinny bones… ya know. Or stretch marks. Whatever these are. 

If you're a woman, it's perf normal to have fat on your body -despite thefact thatitakelaxitivestolosemoreweight coughcough but that's me coughs-