Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Super Junior's Superhero Costumes

Shindong as the hulk is somehow appropriate, ha ha ha. Maybe because he's shindong aka the biggest fatass or maybe even the only fatass in kpop? (No offense Shindong).
*whoever says Suzy is fat needa get their eyes checked btw I've gotten down to 116-117 lbs now and she still weighs less than me, STFU, if they she fat, ni**a, I'm a landwhale*

Is it wrong that I know basically all these characters? I don't even like Dragonball; though I can recognize the costume; but I love the Avengers movies. And the Spiderman mokvies. I love modern superhero movies, period. And Bond movies. And anime that's aimed at guys. I like certain things that I'm not the target demographic for, okay.

I'm a nerd.

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