Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Since swimming animu 4realz, there's a wiki nows and I'm the only bitch editing it

Swimming Anime, the notorious little commercial that Kyoto Animation probably planned to release anyway that earned a huge fan following on tumblr for what peeps call swimming homos, swimming bishies, etc being shirtless, is now 4realz, as I said in another post. And once again, it premieres near my birthday, ha. It's actually titled 'Free!' but no one will actually call it that; considering that searching the words "Free Anime" in google will not generate any relevant results to swimming bishies, but rather tons of sites with old shows, new shows, plenty of broken video links and fansubs.

Anyway, some bitch decided to start a wiki about the Swimming Bishie Anime. 
Interested in contributing to it? Please do. Helps me, aka GEEGEEBABYBABY1, the only beyotch there. I'm a n00b at editing stuff such as character boxes, and I'd like them to have a blue-ish color scheme, but I don't know how to edit it, because it's all in source code, or somethin'.

As a bonus, enjoy this random PHOMINUTE gif

what's my name was kind of forgettable as a song, but still catchy enough that it's stuck in my head, whatcho' name what whatcho' name? all today. And at least it goes back to the roots of Phominute; it's much more of an improvement over SNSD's disasterous 5 song mashup. Though these buffalaxed lines are still gold.

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