Sunday, March 24, 2013

Welp welp

I practically sprinted as far as I could to grab my dog, whose leash had been released from my grip, and then I just stopped, kneeled on the ground, and sniveled like a snot dripping, allergy ridden child.

Yeah, that was just one thing that sucked for me today. We all have problems, and mine, as minor and stupid as they are, affected me today mainly because it's that time of the month, no explanation needed. Maybe I'm also depressed because I brought it on myself, or maybe I'm dropping to the lowest depths of sanity, bit by bit (let's hope not for the sake of everyone I hold near and dear).

First event that happened was just general discomfort, not wanting to eat lunch (because let's be honest, I hate eating two meals during the week and generally don't eat two meals on weekdays either), and the guilt afterwards. I spent a couple hours in my room, futzing around on my phone. And so mother called. And asked about the dog. Baby is still my responsibility no matter who I'm with, so lo and behold, she asked me to take her on a walk. I motioned to my dad and quietly told him about it, and lo and behold (again) he said he was exhausted. I was annoyed by this, having actually eaten lunch (turkey, macaroni, and corn. Not exactly a vegan health fest), and not gotten any exercise, and so I fought about it, but in the end, retreated to my room.

Anyway, everyone ended up changing their minds. So in the end, we got the dog.

Baby seemed ecstatic once she arrived at the park, and we jumped over the creek, stupidly and repeatedly for the sake of my sister having to take the perfect picture (me, me, me, me, me! might as well be what every 13 year old thinks the center of the universe is). Then, along came this other dog, who wanted to initiate play with Baby, but didn't even come close (mainly because the owner yanked it away). Baby continued to try and chase said dog and pull me behind her in the process. This resulted in her trying to hop across a large gap in the creek, which then resulted in her landing in a puddle of rancid outdoor water.

And then, a peaceful 20 minutes later, I let the leash slip out of my hand, and so my dog went sprinting away.
By then, I felt incompetent, truly incompetent. And was fed up with my fuck-ups as well as my dog's behavior.

So i was then forced to wash Baby, while being constantly scratched, and hold her down while doing so. Kind of ironic, considering she hates baths, but loves smelly pond water.

My clothes drenched, I changed into an alternate pair, but still, felt less than happy.

To try and cure me of my unhappiness, a bag of Peeps were bought for me (they're those sugarcoated marshmallow Easter candies. I love them, but there are many people who hate them). It worked enough. And to better my mood even further, breakfast for dinner (bacon and eggs), which is something I don't usually do. So in all, even if I felt crappy, welp welp, the end of the day wasn't bad. However, there's still a smidgen of sadness, deep down. I guess it'll never go away.

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