Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's day, a holiday only good for candy

I've never had an official 'boyfriend' because I'm a loser.

So you see, Valentine's day, for me, is truly only good for one thing.

Yeah. I know I'm not working towards that Karlie Kloss figure anytime soon.
Been exercising more, today the scale tipped @ 118.5 lbs (maybe higher actually the scale is a bit unbalanced) but since my body still doesn't look right, more weight loss is in my future (just not breast weight loss, I hope *glares at boob fairy in the boob heavens*)

My friend and I will probably gorge on the bag of chocolates I bought yesterday. Which is a bad idea, yes, but shit, I'm not eating lunch anyway. And it's caramel chocolate. And fucking ghiradelli. So bad for me, yet the only good part of V-day.

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