Saturday, February 16, 2013

119 lbs unclothed and 121-123 clothed and sniveling about it

So I've lost weight but not much weight.

Literally, compared to my previous weight (126-128 around there), I don't see improvement.

The waist is still blah
The thighs are still jiggly enough that I hate them
The stomach fat is still present
I'm not Karlie Kloss thin at all
And this weight loss, skipping / shortening portions, and exercise is doing nothing to get me to 110.

I'm probably about one of the curvy kpop chick's weights now (because you know their profiles are lying) and I'm not satisfied

fuck dysmorphia
If this is the result I get from trying to lose weight
I don't wanna lose anymore

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's day, a holiday only good for candy

I've never had an official 'boyfriend' because I'm a loser.

So you see, Valentine's day, for me, is truly only good for one thing.

Yeah. I know I'm not working towards that Karlie Kloss figure anytime soon.
Been exercising more, today the scale tipped @ 118.5 lbs (maybe higher actually the scale is a bit unbalanced) but since my body still doesn't look right, more weight loss is in my future (just not breast weight loss, I hope *glares at boob fairy in the boob heavens*)

My friend and I will probably gorge on the bag of chocolates I bought yesterday. Which is a bad idea, yes, but shit, I'm not eating lunch anyway. And it's caramel chocolate. And fucking ghiradelli. So bad for me, yet the only good part of V-day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013