Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why haven't I posted?

Reason #1: Been busy with schoolwork

Reason #2: Been occupied with training Baby not to teethe on my pant leg, hand, sleeve; or anything she can grab ahold of, for that matter

Reason #3: Been occupied with visiting a couple other accounts/sites I sort of frequent when I'm not writing useless explanations on how to identify one molecule from another molecule.

Reason #4: Been lounging around on my ass and not doing much because I'm exhausted from the aforementioned dog training (Baby's teeth grip is so strong, IMPOSIBRUU) .

Reason #5: Been trying to make myself look like the 5/10 I used to be (*wah wah* I'ma not pretty) as supposed to the makupless hack who looks like a disheveled cynical bemused trans person that I've become (cries again and thrusts hands up towards the heavens in frustration, WHY AM I THE HYOYEON KF MY SCHOOL WHY AM I SO FUGGG AT THE MOMENT)

Former 5/10 Mediocre Looking Girl Turned Hyogere 2.0, only PS can fix me.

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