Saturday, January 19, 2013

The ISPs decide to monitor downloading activity and not care about real fucking internet issues

By REAL internet issues, I mean the sharing of illegal and disgusting content on the web.

Not music downloads, no no, not innocent movie downloads. No.

The downloading and distribution of terrorist plans/crime plans/child pornography.

There's nothing that antagonizes me more about the internet than the sick fucks that inhabit the depths of the deep web and even /b/ (-pukes up cookies I ate earlier-), sharing their sickening illegal porn like it's something normal that's accepted in society. Because it's not. It's obscene, sick and disgusting. Children are innocent. I was a child once. By law, I'm still considered a 'child', although technically, I fall into the 'late adolescent' category. So when I read about sick shits sharing child porn on Facebook, I honestly feel like not eating anything for the next few hours to prevent myself from queefing. There is no excuse for stealing a child's innocence, ever, not a single fucking one. What these deranged psychopaths do is mentally, physically, and psychologically scar their victims, and that makes me want to punch walls in.

Like a majority of the human population, I truly hate the sick fucks who abuse and humiliate children, for their own personal amusement/fetish. There is nothing that makes my blood boil more than stories regarding child abuse and in some cases, child abuse and death.

I would support the government torturing child abusers in the worst ways. I personally think the only answer to these pedos' unspeakable crimes is castration and endless, bloody, painful, torture. Pouring acid on their skin, then lighting said skin on fire.

What else can I say about crime and terrorism? Well, both are also terrible, terrorism especially, which involves a bunch of racist fucks attempting to exterminate innocent citizens (yes, they are racist. technically, if you're from the west, terrorists from the Middle East despise you, it doesn't matter what you look like, your religion, what your profession is, or if you have a family or not. If you're from a western nation, you might as well have TARGET written across your forehead in sharpie). Crime is also terrible. There are various types of crimes that I'm not going to explain further, but a few choice examples include
• Hitman networks
• Drug sites/drug rings
• Human trafficking networks

To get to the point; why do our internet service providers fucking care about copyrighted material (music and movies) and how people are illegally downloading it, instead of these other major BAD things? Probably because the MAFIAA paid them to care about copyright, sadly enough. The truth is that ISPs have always been able to monitor people, though generally, they don't care. That all changed when the MAFIAA became anal about their profit margin lowering (even though the box offices are still thriving and the music business isn't earning that much less) if only slightly, and decided to declare a war on all digital piracy, which, mind you, went on for years (before the MU takedown, SOPA and PIPA, etc) without angry interference from big ass cooperations and their fat, money munching executives (does corporate greed know no bounds anymore? :| )

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