Tuesday, January 1, 2013

SNSD's Random Ass And Generally WTFish excuse for a comeback is the least of my New Years Problems

So I'm morose as fuck right now. If I hadn't argued with my mother over my less than stellar high school academic record this morning then my day might've had a chance at being okay.

But no
to quote my terribly written tumblr post
"New Years Resolution: somehow invent a time machine and travel back to the 22nd of December

OHGOD guys New Years has just been so shitty for me first i argued with my mother about procrastinating and then she took my iPod and then I went out with my dad, did a few assignments and ran errands to keep my mind off the BS. It was entertai

Later I arrived home and everything was much better, my mom, sister and my mom’s boyfriend were just lounging around on the couch and watching the morose news stories. Per the request of everybody who wanted me to tire her out, I chased baby, my puppy around the front walkway and across the street. When I came back inside, everything was okay, although things started to get tense after I returned from a short bathroom break. For some reason, my mother and her BF were arguing over something, and my sister had joined the conversation (the words ‘fat pig’ were mentioned, I have no idea to be honest?). He later unexpectedly left, and my mother started flipping her shit and blamed the entire incident on me. She said that I WAS THE ONE who ruined her day. She said that me and my younger sister were spoiled little brats for drinking the ‘to-go’ bottled waters and eating the chips ironic considering she could eat a truckload of potato chips if she wanted to) and told us we were whiny and immature.

Anyway, I tried to barter with her over my iPod, nicely, which resulted in her slamming her door in my face and sending me up to my room after i tried to ask her more firmly. I kept protesting until eventually she just pushed me away. Thereafter I sat in my room and sort of stared at the ceiling.

And now she wants me to do a bucketload of useless things that are not on my top priority list (or even hers’) in order to earn my iPod back, which by the way, means a lot to me. She disgusts me at the moment. Her bipolar behavior is terrifying, though everyone else’s screeching (including mine) is not making me feel happy about humanity either. In fact I’m contemplating putting a razor to my arm again and cut cut cutting away.

What with me feeling all sobby about my weight yesterday, my dogs’ barking, my younger sister’s hate, my emo feelings, and everyone’s general lack of sleep, 2013’s start has been anything but smooth.

My New Years resolution is to find a time machine and erase the existences of these… less than joyous events by going back to the beginning of winter vacation and reliving NY and New Years. Unrealistic, I know.

My other goal was to become a ProAna or ProBul skank model bitch and be Karlie Kloss thin, but clearly that won’t work because a. my bone structure is ugly (not VS model bootyful like stick karlie forever fugly body) ´ะด` ; b. if I consume no food I feel like puking my guts out and salivating, which would be fine if i were willing to put up with the vomit breath c. i will lose all my energy and signs of titties and d. people are actually around enough to watch and force me to eat."

Uh yeah.
TLDR: mother yelled at me for useless shit and stole my music. Mom's BF and mom got into fight, one stormed out. Mother blames it all on me and we both get emotional and sad and screamy and huddle in our separate corners of the house. Mother then blocks my texts after we have an angry fight over txtmssg

Along with a new year comes SNSD's lame arse excuse for a comeback.
I GOT A BOY. Hooooooo boy (pun not intended). Nasujima reaction picture below represents how I feel about the whole production company and the IGAB composers overall now.

The composer of I GOT A BOY was clearly trippin' on some sort of hallucination inducing shit. Because the song is a mismatched mess. Albeit a bit of a hot mess, but a complete and utter jumble of music and compositions nonetheless. It's like SM didn't even TRY to keep a steady flow, because the song is mambo jambo all over the fucking place random. The video featured fashion stolen straight out of the closet of YGENT and f(x), classic 'gangsta' clothes. Why. Why. I mean seriously, why?

If I had to guess I'd say the I GOT A BOY concepts were conceived originally for f(x) (as individual songs not the 5 song mashup i am hearing mmkay) as supposed to SNSD, though SM's executives probably turned around one day and said 'hey, fuck those f(lops)! How's about we give this song to our most popular sellers instead, they'll make lots of munny hurr durrrr durrr PROFIT. And while we're at it, let's hire a composer who likes to do drugs and G-Dragon's fashion stylist! Yes!'

The rest of the album isn't bad at all, actually pretty enjoyable, though why the fuck did they promote IGAB as the titular track? I mean, seriously, why? That decision was almost as bad a decision as Kim Kunt Shithead deciding to put Giraffe Dani in t-ara.

I discovered SNSD during the RDR era and I liked their concept then and their prior concepts (ITNW, Gee, Oh). I liked hoot. The boys was.... less than perfect, mediocre at best. The Japanese albums were both pretty fabulous (IMO), and the rest of the IGAB album with the exception of the title track doesn't make me cringe and is nice.

The only problem is that now I don't have an iPod to listen to it. Poo.
Why? Why is my mother so bipolar?

Also, according to the iTunes Charts, snsd is currently ranked 17 in the top albums chart. Good for them. But not paying 11.99 anyway. Not to the RIAA (No ew) or iTunes and certainly not to SlaveMonger ShitMonster and StupidMotherfucker Entertainment. Seriously SM, you foos be trolling.

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