Monday, January 28, 2013

Facebook and Instagram Request that fuckers fork over pictures of their 'government IDs' ; fuckers are pissed

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It appears that shitty corporation Facebook has been asking people to provide pictures of their personal passports/birth certificates/driver's licenses in order to continue using their crappy, slow, and bad free service. And Instagram too.

My little sister was recently complaining about the deletion of many of her little 'friends'(I use that term lightly, I doubt all of them are very close to her, she's popular as fark, but dat girl doesn't have a timeshare with all 200 of her followers) instagram accounts. And now I know what's probably causing it.

This is an especially greedy act on FB's part, considering how they already collect a shit load of information from you and sell it for $$$ send it to third parties to deliver stupid and irrelevant ads. I mean, it's one thing to collect info about someone's favorite music/activities whatever through likes, though it's pretty damned creepy to ask for one's personal details, especially if you're a social network. IDGAF what the article says about 'blurring out personal info', because many a brainless idiot will forget to do so, and so their information will be made known by facebook/instagram.

I also don't give a fuck if this is to delete TOS violators  because there are plenty of ways to do that without asking for a person's height, weight, and address. There are many people on FB who use their pages for things which would technically be considered TOS violations, such as RPing, pages for pets, alternate accounts, pseudonyms  spamming, etc. The only one of those that should be problematic is spamming.

Honestly, Facebook and Instagram can delete my old and inactive accounts. I hate the sites anyway, I was bored of them both a long time ago. I don't mean to sound superficial, but my photos on instagram weren't ever near popular, so whatever. And nobody bothered to talk to me on FB either. So both are of no use to me anymore. However, I feel pity for those who've sent in their uncensored IDs to Facebook corp. They know your address now, fuckers. Big brother is watching. But you deserved it for being a naive sheep idiot lawl.

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