Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear school principal bitch

You are ugly and anorexic and you disgust me beyond belief.
You are nasty and vapid. You don't care about your students in the least and therefore that makes you a shitty school administrator.
Your voice is also as annoying as long talons scraping across a chalkboard, repeatedly. It's so annoying that it makes my ears want to bleed.

Please eat some food and restore yourself to full health, or keep starving until you're hospitalized. See if I care. I'm not so cruel as to wish death upon you, I just hold a burning hate for you because you are a person who deserves to be hated.

If it were up to me, you'd stop existing on this miserable planet. By that: I do not mean you'd die, but cease to exist entirely, ever.

Sincerely, a student who is unhappy with school, life, and everything, and wishes you didn't exist because every time she sees you, she wants to stab a pencil through her eye sockets into she kills herself

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