Monday, January 28, 2013

Parents in North Korea supposedly ate their children.


"A starving man in North Korea has been executed after murdering his two children for food, reports from inside the secretive state claim.
A 'hidden famine' in the farming provinces of North and South Hwanghae is believed to have killed up to 10,000 people and there are fears that incidents of cannibalism have risen.
The grim story is just one to emerge as residents battle starvation after a drought hit farms and shortages were compounded by party officials confiscating food.

Undercover reporters from Asia Press told the Sunday Times that one man dug up his grandchild's corpse and ate it. Another, boiled his own child for food.
Despite reports of the widespread famine, Kim Jong Un, 30, has spent vast sums of money on two rocket launches in recent months. 
There are fears he is planning a nuclear test in protest at a UN Security Council punishment for the recent rocket launches and to counter what it sees as US hostility.
One informant was quoted as saying: 'In my village in May a man who killed his own two children and tried to eat them was executed by a firing squad.' "

Oh. My. Fucking. God. 
Rocket launches? Fucking Kim Jong Fatass would spend money on nuclear rocket launches (trying to destroy the US again?) as supposed to food, whilst allowing the people he's ruling over to eat one another, or starve and die? Heartless Motherfucker. He clearly eats too much food himself, he could give up some of the 6000 calories he eats per day, easily.

I can't even make any jokes about this shit, resorting to cannibalism in order to survive... why?! WHY DO THESE THINGS HAPPEN? I'd rather die than make a meal out of a fellow human being... let alone a kid, or a family member. I know these people are doing it for their survival, but it's just so cringe worthy. And what makes me shudder the most is that the government doesn't even care about the well being of their citizens.... 

This makes me lose some faith in humanity.

Facebook and Instagram Request that fuckers fork over pictures of their 'government IDs' ; fuckers are pissed

Dailymail Link

It appears that shitty corporation Facebook has been asking people to provide pictures of their personal passports/birth certificates/driver's licenses in order to continue using their crappy, slow, and bad free service. And Instagram too.

My little sister was recently complaining about the deletion of many of her little 'friends'(I use that term lightly, I doubt all of them are very close to her, she's popular as fark, but dat girl doesn't have a timeshare with all 200 of her followers) instagram accounts. And now I know what's probably causing it.

This is an especially greedy act on FB's part, considering how they already collect a shit load of information from you and sell it for $$$ send it to third parties to deliver stupid and irrelevant ads. I mean, it's one thing to collect info about someone's favorite music/activities whatever through likes, though it's pretty damned creepy to ask for one's personal details, especially if you're a social network. IDGAF what the article says about 'blurring out personal info', because many a brainless idiot will forget to do so, and so their information will be made known by facebook/instagram.

I also don't give a fuck if this is to delete TOS violators  because there are plenty of ways to do that without asking for a person's height, weight, and address. There are many people on FB who use their pages for things which would technically be considered TOS violations, such as RPing, pages for pets, alternate accounts, pseudonyms  spamming, etc. The only one of those that should be problematic is spamming.

Honestly, Facebook and Instagram can delete my old and inactive accounts. I hate the sites anyway, I was bored of them both a long time ago. I don't mean to sound superficial, but my photos on instagram weren't ever near popular, so whatever. And nobody bothered to talk to me on FB either. So both are of no use to me anymore. However, I feel pity for those who've sent in their uncensored IDs to Facebook corp. They know your address now, fuckers. Big brother is watching. But you deserved it for being a naive sheep idiot lawl.

Nine Muses dwarf Tiny G in photo.

Source: Allkpoop

So, netizens (bleh, netizens.) have been talking about a photo of Tiny G and Nine Muses, that clearly shows the height high heel difference between the two groups.

Nine muses was basically marketed as a model group, so that's why they're giant azns so tall. And by tall, I mean taller than me. I know Koreans are taller than the average asians, with the females averaging 5'3-5'4 (japanese people are one of the shortest, and South Azns can be even shorter, if an average height chart is anything to go by), which is about the same as the US, but 171 for an asian chick is still tall. JFS. I'm only 16, I have time to grow hopefully   because the thought of being stuck at 5' 5" my entire life with my huge extended family is pretty humiliating. The bewb fairy was kind to me, but the height fairy was not what I lack in height I make up for in tits and ass. The sad thing is that my sister basically knows 7th graders who are over six feet tall. I know genetics basically determine your body composition, but I'm bound to be taller than this, right?

Anyway, back to the topic @ hand, the photo shows rookies Tiny G who are aptly named, standing next to the ladies of Nine Muses. And the height difference is pretty large, with giant azns Nine Muses standing over a head taller than Tiny G.

Granted, Nine Muses are wearing heels and Tiny G are wearing flat shoes, the height difference is still prettyyyyyyyyyyyy immense, with NM measuring at 172 cm average (5'7", probably give or take a couple cm, idols don't always tell the truth about their height), and Tiny G @ 153 cm (5"). It's really kind of funny how NM make TG look like little kids. LOL.

It's kind of nice to know that there are people shorter than me in the world, because I feel short @ 166-167 cm..... :I

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Skinny on K-Pop: Why I will Never Look Like a Korean idol

When I became a fan of k-pop, in my eighth grade year, one of the first things I noticed about the female idols were their skinny, yet somewhat curvy looking figures, close to that of a couple VS models. They were ideal looking and perfect, even more so than pop stars in the US. they looked like something that every girl would want to be, but never would look like.

I always excepted them to weigh more, before I read their profiles, but when I did, i was simply shocked at how skinny the girls really were. Truth be told, I still am. Their skinniness, as of late, has been bothering me, to the point where I begin to nitpick at my own body and obsessively think about what I can change.

The problem is, I'll never be them. Nobody will. Maintaining a weight of 49 kilos at a height of 166 cm (my height) is virtually impossible if you're not built that way. And truth be told, I am not. From my father's side of the family, I have inherited a smaller waist, larger breasts, butt, hips, and embarrassingly larger thighs. I'm not like my mother's family, which is basically composed of tall sticklike women, and I probably will never be.

But I strive to be like a kpop star, one who has an okay figure, with hips and thighs, but weighs nothing. The problem is, the likelihood of that happening is slim.


1. It's no secret that Korean entertainment companies allow their idols to do unhealthy diets. And sometimes the companies stoop to lows, by starving these girls. Surely you've heard of the Nine Muses' "Paper Cup Diet", Duck Bom's "Lettuce Diet", Kara's skipping of meals, and SNSD's 1500 kcal per day intake (yes, with all their exercise). These aren't good diets. They're effective if you continue doing them, but otherwise, if you go back to your old eating habits, the weight you lost will return.

Take me as an example. In seventh grade, after a bunch of anorexic slutbag whores told me I was fat, I pressured myself into skipping lunch completely, eating a light dinner, and drinking mainly water. This worried the fuck out of my friends and my family once they noticed what I was doing. It didn't matter that i was constantly fatigued or exhausted, all that mattered at the time was my weight loss, even though i was not chubby in the first place. But in the end, I lost too much weight, and went back to my old habits. Bam, weight came back. I'm relieved that I didn't develop anorexia.

Back to kpop, the girls are always doing /forced to do these diets because of the pressures of perfection in Korean society. Unlike the United States, where almost every girl has a little bit of body fat (me included, I'm not yet done with losing dat puberty weight), extra weight is considered a big deal in Korea. There, they eat small portions, exercise more often, and overall, focus much more on their outer appearance, compared to most US citizens. It's an Asian cultural thing. Being thin in Korea is 'healthy', it's the image that the media promotes as healthy. Having a curvier or fuller figure (36-26-36) is probably frowned upon. Their definition of curvy in KR is basically the women listed in this handy (shitty) AKP article (writer, what were you smoking?)

Let me just state right now that none of these women can even come close to a true s-line. Most of them are sticking their flat asses out and wearing push up bras to show off their 'cleavage'. Maybe even ass pads (look at Uee's picture, obvious butt pads *cackle*) .

As a more curvy person with 34-26-35.5 measurements I laugh at AKP's incompetence on that article and Korea's inability to recognize true curves in general.

Moving on:
I highly doubt that all these k-pop stars are naturally blessed with slim figures and high metabolism. Don't argue with the 'Asians have smaller bone structure!' defense, because like all ethnicities, Asian women have their share of body types. Yes, their bone structures look a bit smaller than Caucasians, Latinos, and African Americans, but they aren't ALL skinny and doll like. Don't generalize. Not all Latinas have large asses, not all white girls are models, not all black people are tall or curvy, and not all Asians are small statured.

I give you another example from my life: I had a very good friend, a Korean girl, yes, a fully Korean girl, who loved k-pop. She didn't have the appearance of your typical little idol, she was on the larger side, looked more nerdy/not kawaiidollike omg cutie! and didn't give a fuck about what people thought of her. ( She was also a procrastinator, like me, who got good scores, but generally lagged behind in some subjects.)

Likewise, not all idols are like that either, MANY, and by many, I mean a MAJORITY, have undergone plastic surgery to improve their appearance. Don't deny it, they were not all that beautiful pre debut. Many also lost a great majority of weight as well. Because any girl over 50 kilos in Korean Pop is fat. *then I'm obese :( *
Hyuna was not the girl with the visible ribs and 23 inch waist you see today before her debut. She was chubbier, looked like your typical student. Tiffany and Jessica from SNSD were both Americans, who no doubt, were not the skinny minis they are now before their debut.

To put it to you straight:
Few idols are blessed with small bone structure and metabolisms that function at the speed of light. The two main examples I can think of at the moment are Hara and Sooyoung. They are both pretty girls, yes, but flat as boards. They can eat like a horse and not gain a single kilo. Unfortunately for the rest of the world who wants to starve to look like them, that's just the way they are.

Let me mention another real life example.
My mother is basically the epitome of a woman who eats like a fucking horse and still manages to stay thin. I myself have a pretty damn good metabolism (YAYYY, genetics), but am not as tall, nor as skinny, as her (fuck you, genetics). She chews through entire bags of chips in a matter of hours, almost always goes back for seconds, and loves food. She never gains weight no matter how much she eats. And when she doesn't eat, she's miserable and sick.

I bet Hara and Sooyoung and the naturally skinny girls in kpop are like that as well. Unlike the rest of their group, they eat whatever they want whenever they want.

Reason 2 Why I Will Never Look Like A Kpop Star.

My parents taught me to love food.

Like most of my family, I indulge in food. I freaking love it. I love eating. My portions aren't gracious, but by god, they're not huge either. I eat a decent and good amount of food without over eating. And luckily, if I do over eat, I don't wake up the next morning with extra pounds (YAYYY genetics). I couldn't imagine giving up food.

I've tried repeatedly to skip lunch for days, but like my 7th grade experience, I find myself feeling exhausted and fatigued. The other day, I started to try and skip lunch again, and subsisted a solid meal for a glass of water and maybe 4 crackers. I proceeded to feel tired and laggy during the day. And when I left school, my hunger worsened. I was erratic, my stomach was churning, and I truly felt like collapsing in the parking lot.

I don't feel well when I don't eat, especially if I'm walking around. I tend to feel like crap. if I ignore my crappy feelings, I them vomit.

According to everybody I've asked about this, it's basically my body's way of saying 'feed me'.

And apparently letting myself vomit is a gateway to developing bulimia.

So eventually I give up on my partial starvation diet, and go back to eating normally.
And really, I don't notice the difference as long as there's not any pressure/skinny magazines/whatever lying around. But when I do I begin to fret about my body again. And so begins another starvation diet.

I don't know if this cycle will be neverending, but it really does pain me to not eat. Especially because I love food.

But yeah, even with diet and exercise, I'll never be able to top the scale @ 49 kilos.

As I stated previously, reason #3 has to do with me being more thickly built. Not just more so than azn pop stars, but lots of white chicks in general.

I was once told, in the 8th grade, by two classmate/sort of friends of mine that my butt was kind of roundish for a white girl. It's really an unfortunate thing that I can't get rid of, and it's just kind of there. I've kind of accepted it. But then again, because I have an ass, I also have bigger tits (yay, tits), which means I don't have to purchase expensive push-up bras. My tits and ass are probably the only two things I really take pride in. Besides the fact that I have them both without being plus size or obese. But the rest of my body is still in a bit of an awkward stage, my thighs have yet to lose sag, there's a little fat here and there (though I've lost more baby fat than I think, looking back on an old video of myself at age 13, my stomach appeared to be a lot pudgier, though the rest of my weight was well distributed) , and I'm not perfect. Even if I exercised I wouldn't have a completely flat stomach or thighs without a biiiit of jiggle.

What I've noticed is that everyone, even models, even actresses, have imperfections. Even though the rich and famous are photoshopped to no end, they still look bedraggled when walking around in public, aren't the prettiest people without cosmetics, don't have clear skin, and are basically just like the rest of us.

Society has tried to convince everyone that [insert product here] will make their life better or improve their appearance, or wearing/doing whatever [insert celeb's name here] is wearing/doing will make certain things better.

But in actuality, the people endorsing these things are generally not entirely beautiful/perfect by the standards of society either, and are just promoting whatever it is because they like it or they were paid to do it.

Advertising is all a clever motherfucking facade that the companies use to convince people to buy their shit.

I'm not a pretty Asian kpop star.

I'm not going to ever be as thin as one.

Kpop stars are people too. They are human, they're not robots controlled by the Big 3. They have feelings. They aren't perfect. They have weight issues themselves and probably went through a great deal of pain to get as thin as they are now. They are probably still going through that pain.

I generally indulge in whatever food I want without gaining 5 lbs. I'm not naturally thin, but genetics have been kind enough to provide me with a pretty nice metabolism. My diet is better than it was years ago, and I've started eating healthier stuff (with some fast food in between). I like my boobs and ass, and that's a good thing.... (Right?)

I've realized that everybody has fat or acne at one time in their lives. Even models, yes. Motherfucking models. These are the women with the immense thigh gaps that we all bash on the internet.

Society, in any country, is a bitch. They want you to become someone you're not, someone perfect. Become skinny, diet, use their workout machines, eat their expensive food, wear their slimming clothes.

But this 'perfection' bullshit is all a scheme to push and sell more products.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The ISPs decide to monitor downloading activity and not care about real fucking internet issues

By REAL internet issues, I mean the sharing of illegal and disgusting content on the web.

Not music downloads, no no, not innocent movie downloads. No.

The downloading and distribution of terrorist plans/crime plans/child pornography.

There's nothing that antagonizes me more about the internet than the sick fucks that inhabit the depths of the deep web and even /b/ (-pukes up cookies I ate earlier-), sharing their sickening illegal porn like it's something normal that's accepted in society. Because it's not. It's obscene, sick and disgusting. Children are innocent. I was a child once. By law, I'm still considered a 'child', although technically, I fall into the 'late adolescent' category. So when I read about sick shits sharing child porn on Facebook, I honestly feel like not eating anything for the next few hours to prevent myself from queefing. There is no excuse for stealing a child's innocence, ever, not a single fucking one. What these deranged psychopaths do is mentally, physically, and psychologically scar their victims, and that makes me want to punch walls in.

Like a majority of the human population, I truly hate the sick fucks who abuse and humiliate children, for their own personal amusement/fetish. There is nothing that makes my blood boil more than stories regarding child abuse and in some cases, child abuse and death.

I would support the government torturing child abusers in the worst ways. I personally think the only answer to these pedos' unspeakable crimes is castration and endless, bloody, painful, torture. Pouring acid on their skin, then lighting said skin on fire.

What else can I say about crime and terrorism? Well, both are also terrible, terrorism especially, which involves a bunch of racist fucks attempting to exterminate innocent citizens (yes, they are racist. technically, if you're from the west, terrorists from the Middle East despise you, it doesn't matter what you look like, your religion, what your profession is, or if you have a family or not. If you're from a western nation, you might as well have TARGET written across your forehead in sharpie). Crime is also terrible. There are various types of crimes that I'm not going to explain further, but a few choice examples include
• Hitman networks
• Drug sites/drug rings
• Human trafficking networks

To get to the point; why do our internet service providers fucking care about copyrighted material (music and movies) and how people are illegally downloading it, instead of these other major BAD things? Probably because the MAFIAA paid them to care about copyright, sadly enough. The truth is that ISPs have always been able to monitor people, though generally, they don't care. That all changed when the MAFIAA became anal about their profit margin lowering (even though the box offices are still thriving and the music business isn't earning that much less) if only slightly, and decided to declare a war on all digital piracy, which, mind you, went on for years (before the MU takedown, SOPA and PIPA, etc) without angry interference from big ass cooperations and their fat, money munching executives (does corporate greed know no bounds anymore? :| )

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear school principal bitch

You are ugly and anorexic and you disgust me beyond belief.
You are nasty and vapid. You don't care about your students in the least and therefore that makes you a shitty school administrator.
Your voice is also as annoying as long talons scraping across a chalkboard, repeatedly. It's so annoying that it makes my ears want to bleed.

Please eat some food and restore yourself to full health, or keep starving until you're hospitalized. See if I care. I'm not so cruel as to wish death upon you, I just hold a burning hate for you because you are a person who deserves to be hated.

If it were up to me, you'd stop existing on this miserable planet. By that: I do not mean you'd die, but cease to exist entirely, ever.

Sincerely, a student who is unhappy with school, life, and everything, and wishes you didn't exist because every time she sees you, she wants to stab a pencil through her eye sockets into she kills herself

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why haven't I posted?

Reason #1: Been busy with schoolwork

Reason #2: Been occupied with training Baby not to teethe on my pant leg, hand, sleeve; or anything she can grab ahold of, for that matter

Reason #3: Been occupied with visiting a couple other accounts/sites I sort of frequent when I'm not writing useless explanations on how to identify one molecule from another molecule.

Reason #4: Been lounging around on my ass and not doing much because I'm exhausted from the aforementioned dog training (Baby's teeth grip is so strong, IMPOSIBRUU) .

Reason #5: Been trying to make myself look like the 5/10 I used to be (*wah wah* I'ma not pretty) as supposed to the makupless hack who looks like a disheveled cynical bemused trans person that I've become (cries again and thrusts hands up towards the heavens in frustration, WHY AM I THE HYOYEON KF MY SCHOOL WHY AM I SO FUGGG AT THE MOMENT)

Former 5/10 Mediocre Looking Girl Turned Hyogere 2.0, only PS can fix me.


Just yawwwnnnn

Friday, January 11, 2013

Tamako Market Episode 1- MOEBLOBLUU

Moeblobs. Tamako Market is rife with them. However, considering that I liked K-ON!, I'm not expecting the series to be bad. In fact, after watching the premise to the series that is episode one, I'm convinced it will not be totally stereotypical MOEBLOBLUU despite being designed by the queen of moeblob designs herself, Yukiko Horiguchi (still, I love her art tho ♥)

About le Tamako in a Market (random points)

#1. First of all, there is a bird in the show, idk what the hell type of bird he's supposed to be (a chicken? I initially thought he was a chicken, though I think now he is in fact a parrot...) he somehow got shipped to Japan from a fucking tropical island faraway in search for a suitable bride for his prince. He stares over changing rooms (and gets nosebleeds), talks, and is just generally kind of comical. The characters in the show call him 'Tori' (I'm pretty sure it means 'bird' in Japanese; although the name Tori makes me think of my best friend in elementary school every time ;_;) though his real name is Dera Mochimazzi (mochimazi = bad/yucky/gross mochi). Since his real name obviously offends the SRS mochi making tamako/ooji family, everybody, again, just calls him tori.

#2. In this show, there is a male involve! Ooji Mochizou is the adorable (future! boy)friend of Tamako, who seems to harbor a crush on her. He's basically a cute male character (since when are male anime characters ever ugly though *crickets chirp*) and a love interest. The only think standing in the way of him and the cute Tamako's future romance is their fathers, who both run mochi shops, and therefore, have a rivalry (comedic anime version of Romeo and Juliet situation, anyone?)

#3. There are cute girls, and they will probably will be doing cute things (hopefully with the fabulous tori involved!). Blondie Midori, Brunette Kanna, Meganekko Shiori, and the token imouto, Anko (although she prefers to be called 'An') and our main moeblob character. There are a few characters I don't really feel like mentioning with the exception of the blonde flower shop owner, who is of an indeterminate gender (honestly, it could be a very girly guy or a woman with a deep voice? The character looks like a woman lol) voiced by Daisuke Ono (also known as.... Sebastian [Kuroshitsuji], Itsuki (Haruhi Suzumiya), Yukito [Air], Shizuo [DRRR!!], Himself [Lucky Star], etc.)

This could be a very promising series.... I like the sassy bird (talking animals ftw) and I want to see if there will be some romance between Tamako and Ooji. The animation quality was great and cute as ever; and I always love the detailed backgrounds (scenery porn and pretty damn good animation? Always expected from Kyoani.)

This has been my short rambling and thoughts on TamaMarket. There'll be pictures after this jump

~fake jump~ posting this on iPhone Tom lazy to go back and correct it on the computer


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

SNSD's Random Ass And Generally WTFish excuse for a comeback is the least of my New Years Problems

So I'm morose as fuck right now. If I hadn't argued with my mother over my less than stellar high school academic record this morning then my day might've had a chance at being okay.

But no
to quote my terribly written tumblr post
"New Years Resolution: somehow invent a time machine and travel back to the 22nd of December

OHGOD guys New Years has just been so shitty for me first i argued with my mother about procrastinating and then she took my iPod and then I went out with my dad, did a few assignments and ran errands to keep my mind off the BS. It was entertai

Later I arrived home and everything was much better, my mom, sister and my mom’s boyfriend were just lounging around on the couch and watching the morose news stories. Per the request of everybody who wanted me to tire her out, I chased baby, my puppy around the front walkway and across the street. When I came back inside, everything was okay, although things started to get tense after I returned from a short bathroom break. For some reason, my mother and her BF were arguing over something, and my sister had joined the conversation (the words ‘fat pig’ were mentioned, I have no idea to be honest?). He later unexpectedly left, and my mother started flipping her shit and blamed the entire incident on me. She said that I WAS THE ONE who ruined her day. She said that me and my younger sister were spoiled little brats for drinking the ‘to-go’ bottled waters and eating the chips ironic considering she could eat a truckload of potato chips if she wanted to) and told us we were whiny and immature.

Anyway, I tried to barter with her over my iPod, nicely, which resulted in her slamming her door in my face and sending me up to my room after i tried to ask her more firmly. I kept protesting until eventually she just pushed me away. Thereafter I sat in my room and sort of stared at the ceiling.

And now she wants me to do a bucketload of useless things that are not on my top priority list (or even hers’) in order to earn my iPod back, which by the way, means a lot to me. She disgusts me at the moment. Her bipolar behavior is terrifying, though everyone else’s screeching (including mine) is not making me feel happy about humanity either. In fact I’m contemplating putting a razor to my arm again and cut cut cutting away.

What with me feeling all sobby about my weight yesterday, my dogs’ barking, my younger sister’s hate, my emo feelings, and everyone’s general lack of sleep, 2013’s start has been anything but smooth.

My New Years resolution is to find a time machine and erase the existences of these… less than joyous events by going back to the beginning of winter vacation and reliving NY and New Years. Unrealistic, I know.

My other goal was to become a ProAna or ProBul skank model bitch and be Karlie Kloss thin, but clearly that won’t work because a. my bone structure is ugly (not VS model bootyful like stick karlie forever fugly body) ´ะด` ; b. if I consume no food I feel like puking my guts out and salivating, which would be fine if i were willing to put up with the vomit breath c. i will lose all my energy and signs of titties and d. people are actually around enough to watch and force me to eat."

Uh yeah.
TLDR: mother yelled at me for useless shit and stole my music. Mom's BF and mom got into fight, one stormed out. Mother blames it all on me and we both get emotional and sad and screamy and huddle in our separate corners of the house. Mother then blocks my texts after we have an angry fight over txtmssg

Along with a new year comes SNSD's lame arse excuse for a comeback.
I GOT A BOY. Hooooooo boy (pun not intended). Nasujima reaction picture below represents how I feel about the whole production company and the IGAB composers overall now.

The composer of I GOT A BOY was clearly trippin' on some sort of hallucination inducing shit. Because the song is a mismatched mess. Albeit a bit of a hot mess, but a complete and utter jumble of music and compositions nonetheless. It's like SM didn't even TRY to keep a steady flow, because the song is mambo jambo all over the fucking place random. The video featured fashion stolen straight out of the closet of YGENT and f(x), classic 'gangsta' clothes. Why. Why. I mean seriously, why?

If I had to guess I'd say the I GOT A BOY concepts were conceived originally for f(x) (as individual songs not the 5 song mashup i am hearing mmkay) as supposed to SNSD, though SM's executives probably turned around one day and said 'hey, fuck those f(lops)! How's about we give this song to our most popular sellers instead, they'll make lots of munny hurr durrrr durrr PROFIT. And while we're at it, let's hire a composer who likes to do drugs and G-Dragon's fashion stylist! Yes!'

The rest of the album isn't bad at all, actually pretty enjoyable, though why the fuck did they promote IGAB as the titular track? I mean, seriously, why? That decision was almost as bad a decision as Kim Kunt Shithead deciding to put Giraffe Dani in t-ara.

I discovered SNSD during the RDR era and I liked their concept then and their prior concepts (ITNW, Gee, Oh). I liked hoot. The boys was.... less than perfect, mediocre at best. The Japanese albums were both pretty fabulous (IMO), and the rest of the IGAB album with the exception of the title track doesn't make me cringe and is nice.

The only problem is that now I don't have an iPod to listen to it. Poo.
Why? Why is my mother so bipolar?

Also, according to the iTunes Charts, snsd is currently ranked 17 in the top albums chart. Good for them. But not paying 11.99 anyway. Not to the RIAA (No ew) or iTunes and certainly not to SlaveMonger ShitMonster and StupidMotherfucker Entertainment. Seriously SM, you foos be trolling.