Saturday, December 22, 2012

Suzy & Ian chatting on Twitter- cherries are mentioned

Suzy and Ian.
Now that she's legal (and the adult male suzy fans fuckin' rejoiced lol, especially those pervert uncle fans) he's posting innuendos about tying cherries on twitter that suzy doesn't necessarily understand....
Granted Suzy's English isn't the best ever but still her response was pretty innocent.

But still, flirting on twitter, that's a start, I guess.

I don't know why BUT I SHIP IT.
SUZY AND IAN i ship you both so hard. No pun intended, dirty ones. IRL OTP ALERT

THE AGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO MEANS NOTHING AT ALL TO ME mmkay. idgaf if Ian is 34 and suzy is 18. She's legal now. she should go for Ian while she has the chance. (aka before some other whore snatches him) because Ian is basically one of the most swooned over guys in the acting business.

but who can blame his legion fangirls when he has THIS face?

♥ 'scuse me- old TVD fangirlism kicking in. I used to regularly watch that show, even after I got bored of it, if only for Daemon ♥

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