Monday, December 17, 2012

scale says 56 kilos.

124444444444444 lbs again.

brb crying.

don't know if the scale is trololololing me or what.
but idc. no single fucks are given because there's quite a probability that i really am under 125 lbs again. not by much but it's a start.

MUST GET TO 54 KILOS. MUST CONTINUE LUNCH SKIPPING DIET. because no matter how small the progress i've made i've made progress nonetheless and that is what I want.
allcaps was needed okay
doesn't matter what bitches say, I am feeling a lot better already. Still look fat tho.

but I still need moar pounds shed. so....
HYOSUNG, teach me your dieting secrets, so I can lose this fat & shit faster!
And no excessive exercise, I already have to tug the puppy around. not that i don't love the lil brat she's just a pain in the ass on walks.

Also, by god, whenever I go to my father's house, he feeds me all kinds of shit I don't need. But at the same time I can't tell him I'm starving myself (partially) or else he'll make me eat even larger portions.
so for now just doing the thing around 3/4 of the week mmmkay

school is released on the 21st.
I'M GOIN' TO NEW YORK AGAIN. But this time there'll be no american girls & shit.

Probably will be freakin' crowded but idgaf. What with my slight weight loss I am so happy.

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