Sunday, December 23, 2012

My grandparents' ol' Siamese kitty, tomorrow, and how I would make Hara and all those skinny bitches feel my wrath.

He jumped up on my lap earlier. Naturally, I took some pictures. He's a rather old and a tubby seal point Siamese, but it's nice to be around a cat.

Everyone noted that he doesn't usually go around hopping into every guest's lap.
So, did he sense that I was a cat lover?
I dunno. 0_0

Besides that, I arrived at teh airport on time, and the only annoying thing was the three unlicensed taxi guys that tried to hound money out of everyone.

Now, I'm pretty wary around those types of pushy taxi drivers, because I remember how they were 10x worse when I visited cancun. Ever since I read that unlicensed drivers can and sometimes will, hold you at gunpoint and sweep your bank account clean, I've been a bit cautious. I doubt it frequently happens in NY, but in Cancun.... well- it's Mexico.

Tomorrow is church or shopping day. I really hate church services, mostly because the boredom factor is OVER 9000. The other part of that is that I really don't identify with any major church religion. I'm an agnostic with a couple of atheist tendencies. This drives my younger sister batshit insane, as she is a devout 'save myself for marriage', perfect little angelic, un-sinful (?) baptist/Christian girl. *gags*

Shopping, however, could be interesting, if I could actually find an outfit that doesn't make my entire body look heinous
That's probably not gonna happen, but a fat size M-L in shirts and a 6-8 in jeans can hope?

Hara, gimme yo negative 2 dress body so i can fatten you up and kick yo' talentless ass out of the music and modeling business.
Actually, I'd do the same to all the under 50 kilo kpop singers. I would cruelly feed them deep fried twinkies, bags of super sized fast food, and extra large slurpies until they eventually reached an 'obese' weight in the entertainment industry.

Because in the Korean music industry, your 'hot body' (and looks, also known as the plastic injected in your face - BOM I am talking to you girly) *gags again* is your first priority, you don't maintain that anorexic figure and you can bet your career is screwed. The piggy dolls although considered overweight looked like they actually ate three meals per day, and the same definitely can't be said for SNSD. I do not give a fuck if they endorse pizza, snsd do not look like they would stand 10 feet AWAY FROM A PIZZA let alone eat one.

In conclusion, I would make all the kpop singers over 164 cm weigh 58-60+ kilos in order to feel my fat, fat, pain.
Cruel, IKR? But I have no bias. Maybe a male bias (idk maybe TOP? shallowly just for his face probably.... TOOOOOOOOOOOOOP <3 )
So I'd have no problem with torturing those underweight azns with food.

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