Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Le puppy has arrived, needs to be trained in a multitude of ways ~

The 11 week old Baby, an Aussie-Shepherd mix, has arrived at the house.
well, since yesterday.

That escalated quickly. I could've sworn she was coming later.

Reverting back to the subject at hand...

Like most 11 week old puppies, Baby is blissfully unaware of where the hell the bathroom is. So, as a start to my life with this puppy, I was forced to strip down the sheets on the master bed thanks to her little accident. Not that I'm complaining, she's a puppy, not yet trained, but still, it's a pain in the goddamned derriere to wash the sheets (though it's about time they need to be washed anyway- what impeccable timing, Baby.).

Likewise, Baby also doesn't know how to walk on a leash, sort of. she understands the concept of following me around on the leash, but prefers to sniff around the yards in my neighborhood and attack leaves. Baby seems to be teething as well, being a baby (no pun intended, she's a young little pup). So she seems to have developed a habit of chewing on her leash occasionally, especially during walks. 

Despite these typical puppy issues though , she seems to like everyone, and is very, very sweet. And adorable, I must say.

IN CONCLUSION... Baby needs to be trained properly, but will eventually (I hope) grow into a well behaved older dog. However, she is cute, playful, a true breath of fresh air from all the crap I've been feeling lately. 

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