Thursday, December 13, 2012

Indigestion and Exhaustion: The Puppy Prevents Me From Getting Enough Sleep, But Is Still Well Behaved and Generally Adorable

My current indigestion, Baby, & insomnia.

What can I say about today? I've been struck with the worse case of indigestion that's what you get for not eating lunch everyday dumbfuck from the fast food I had earlier (curly fries & roast beef, so tasty and oily and fattening and everything I want to eat at lunch but can't because i'll get fattttttttt)

My body isn't yet near the Hyosung level of gloriousness, but I see a slight change (though it's probably all in my head I bet)...............................................

I am basically responsible for Baby in the mornings, I feed her, I let her sit on the couch with me, I play with her, I let her outside, etcetera. There's something about her that brightens up my day; whenever i'm around her, I actually feel some form of happiness. Perhaps it's her carefree & energetic disposition. They say happiness is a warm puppy, but for me, happiness is just a puppy/dog in general. She's much different from my current ratdogs, the chihuahuas ratdogs- that's what I like about her. Baby actually has the ability to restrain herself from barking at every single fucking thing that makes noise outside our door.

Her cuteness is an added bonus.

However, the only problem with Baby is that she prevents me from sleeping. Well, over 5 hours, anyway (since I usually go to sleep around 1-2 AM yes, i'm aware of the fact that i have insomnia) Not that I'd get enough without the puppy anyway, though. IDK why I'm so sleepless. Maybe it's because I don't get enough physical activity in the day? Who knows. Some may argue that it's a teenager thing.

Random other stuff:

Certain school worksheets *ahem* MATH *ahem* of late has been looking like this.
Red circles, red circles everywhere.
Not applying myself, they say.
shut up fuckers you're the ones who decided to force me to do online math in the first place. it's a horrible method of teaching math, just by the way
Ritsu takes pride in her failure. Wish I could do the same.

My inactive 3rd gmail box is now flooded with shitty facebook notifications (ew, facebook, I hate it now), and I'm feeling too lazy to delete them.

I've been following the second season of American horror story. And holy shit I had no idea that thredson was bloody face -
Now all I need to do is watch S1, which is luckily! on netflix.
But since each series is a miniseries anyway, the plots are completely different.
1st season, from what I've read, is set in a haunted house, in the present day.
2nd season is set in an asylum in the 60s, though some scenes do take place in the present specifically the one involving lana and thredson's bloodyface child.

I've caught up on some anime episodes. Finally.

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