Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hara Makes my Stomach Churn Again- and Hyena Hyuna's ribs look generally unattractive yet still make me want to go all pro Ana

Hara made my stomach churn again
Not in a good way.
Curious to see what the other Soju ads were like, I decided to check them out, even though Hara's made me sort of cringe enough.

Hyena Hyuna-
Hyuna does what she does best in all of her Soju CFs, which is opening her slutty legs, gyrating, and shaking her (most likely) crab covered p*ssy. Being a slut. Naturally Hyuna, that's almost all you're good for, cuz bitch, you are NOT a singer.

Hyuna looked more skeletonlike than usual which just practically brings me to laughter and tears. Her ribs are visible. which is both Yuckworthy and ProAna Inspiration.

Speaking of ProAna, might as well start that starvation diet again, I can FEEL my fat growing back (tho it probably never went away in the first place, ima delusional bitch). Ew no no no no no guys do not want. Need to get back down to 120 lbs again. :(((((((

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