Saturday, December 8, 2012

Current Measurements (warning, I'm fugly)

Height: 5'5.5 (166 cm)
Weight: Est. 125-130 (last weigh in I was in the 120s range, didn't dare ask where)

Bust (Around Ribcage area): 32-34? in (though I wear a 34 or even a 36 in bra size) (81 cm) [smaller than expected]
Currently okay, ribcage still looks weird. But I will dismiss that and focus on my other notable body flaws.

Waist: 26 (66 cm)
Needs to be smaller. No exceptions. Ant waist (22 inches maybe?) would look better.

Hips: 35/36 (92 cm) (FAT)
They either need to grow or shrink to make me look correctly proportioned.

thighs: 23/24? in at highest point (FAT AS FUCK) (58-59 cm)
Thunder thighs, I have some muscle on them, but they are still nasty looking. No man likes thunder thighs.

Calves: 13.5 inches. And that's with muscle/fat/excess shit. My calves are the only skinny part of me

Thickest Part of Arm: 11 in. No comment. Thinnest thing on body.

Neck area: 12.5 in (31 cm? FAT)
Looks decent enough, thicker than expected though.

What I want to look like:

What I look like at the moment:

Please, heavenly being, bless me with a skinnier body. Please, please, please, let this puberty induced bloated fatness disappear.

Because according to le chart, body fat percentage is 20.
bmi is normal, but still-
No guy in their right mind would date me. I'm a whale with huge tits and thunder thighs.

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