Thursday, December 20, 2012

Booty pads & Rainbow.

"Female idol group Rainbow 's Jisook recently revealed that one of her group's members is currently using booty padding.
On SBS 's "Strong Heart," newscaster Park Eun Ji revealed that back in the day she faced an embarrassing incident where her undergarment padding went exposed.
She explained, "The style of the undergarment that I wore back then was see-through. I was wearing booty padding too." Then she turned to Jisook and asked, "What about female idols, do they use it too?" To which Jisook honestly answered, "Among our members, there is one person who is currently using booty padding," which caused the rest of the celebrity guests to break up in laughter."

Source: Soompi

Booty pads.
i just can't.
No, DSP, no rainbow.
Rainbow, you are lucky to be cute and flat assed, embrace that shit while you can, before you grow saggy and old and the cellulite comes along to ruin your once desirable stick figures. Because it's already too late for me and my visible booty and red face. And the fugly stretch marks from pewburty azn chicks gimme yo bodies before I actually develop anorexia. because i can't force myself to puke.

I find it quite hilarious that people use butt pads in general. It's like a pushup bra. People will be able to notice if your ass is lumpier or your bust is less perky, and they will assume. Why can't you skinny bitches embrace your anorexic skinniness, already? i want to look like you. you want to spend a day in a body with an actual ass - take mine.

Def not wearing booty pads there, ass is flat as a board. BITCH YOU IS LUCKYYYY1

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