Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Possible K-Pop diets so I can slim my ass down to a size 4 again.

Idol Diets:

CW: 120something lbs (less than 130 now, maybe 125 or slightly lower)
GW: 115-117 lbs

Outright Proof That Almost All Kpop Idols Weigh Under 50 Kilos.
With the exception of a few girls, who weigh 50 kilos or even more (Julianne), almost all k-idols are under that weight.  Are they most likely all those acutal weights? No, but pretty damn close to them

And let me tell you right now, none of them are healthy, even normal Korean chicks weigh more than them. 160+ cm and under 50 kilos does not equal a healthy body, ya understand dat, bitches? These manufactured little popstars are starved in order to look so skinny. Celebs in America will starve themselves too, this 'thin' trend is not only unique to Korea, it happens wherever there are major print magazines featuring anorexics wearing slutty little slips and slutty little ass shorts. 

 YET I WANT THEIR FIGURES. IDK if it's my own personal issues or society that's making me feel this way, perhaps it's just being the way I am with fat 36/38 inch hips and a non ant (27 in) waist, and thicker thighs. I'm not going to mention my wonderbewbs because they are the only outstanding feature on my mid & lower body.  

But I wish to do something about my weight and get down to 55 kilos or lower again because I am sick and freaking tired of feeling like people look at me as a fat girl.

So here is a list of things I am willing to do in order to obtain the figure I desire so muuuuuch.

Starvation/Skipping Meal Diet - what i'm doing atm:

Eat maybe one meal and a couple snacks a day. Avoid lunch and breakfast at all costs (No prob there, been avoiding breakfast since the tender age o' 11, I don't eat during the early morning, probably because I don't WAKE UP until around 10AM - my father's favorite saying when I walk out of my room in the morning is "IT LIVES!" which isn't cruel or uber annoying, as much as a very dated joke. anyway- back to the shit)
Could be effective, could be a failure, I've heard mixed opinions about depriving yourself of 1-2 meals per day and only eating snacks/dinner. I could put on fat and look like more of a whale, or I could shed the weight I so desperately want to lose.

This supposed 'diet' seems to work for the bitches in KARA, SNSD, or any other girl group, because they all weigh 42-50 kilos, usually less than 50 kilos. My goal weight is probably in the early 50 kilos range, because people would seriously worry if I brought myself down to 47 kg, despite that being Yoona's CW.

As I previously stated, I don't want to be admitted to an eating disorder hospital and be forced to gain back the weight I worked so hard to lose. I want to maintain some 'curves', but lose weight without looking like a total stick, that's all.

Pros: Quicker way to possibly! lose weight. Only have to skip one meal, technically. Will be able to fit back into a size 4, or even a size 6 for fuck's sake! in no time.

Cons: Will possibly! gain weight or gain back weight, famine and hungryness will be constant.

Eat whatever I want, just not huge ass portions:

Truth is, I will occasionally overeat, but not to the point of where I feel like barfing. The one time I did that, it was out of pure anger at my ex-crush/his nasty bitch of a gf  because he thought I was too fat or ugly or something, so I gorged my face from pure depression and gained like 2 lbs which then prompted me to cut myself because @ that time in my life me = emo bitch

Anyway, this'd be good only if I could stop eating so many carbs. Carbs are my favorite thing. Like pasta and shit. I'll eat pasta with sauce if it's available  and by sauce, I don't mean that 'honey boo boo' ketchup and butter 'sketti' shit, because - a. that sounds disgusting - b. that is not real pasta sauce - and c. the fat amnt is probably OVER 90000000000000 calories - I mean the canned stuff because I can't cook real recipes properly and am not a food snob (that's my aunt's job, she literally removed her microwave from her house- who dafuq in their right mind does that?). And the canned stuff is healthy enough, considering it's just tomatoes, beef, and the normal pasta sauce ingredients.

I eat a decent amount of meat when I can, usually, it's just chicken or turkey, my mother has avoided beef like the black plague since the 'pink slime' incident, though she rarely bought it before. In fact, when I do eat beef, I'm usually with my father because he actually knows what type of beef to buy (the lean kind, which is delicious) and how to cook it properly and make it have actual flavor. The same cannot be said for my mother at times.

Anyway, my veggie intake could definitely be better. Luckily, I like some types of veggies and will eat them when they're provided, it's just that they are also, like beef, in short supply.

Still, this diet is also a win-win/lose-lose situation. Most likely lose-lose, I've been trying to control my portions for weeks now and haven't overeaten and yet I still think I don't look thinner

Pros: Eat enough but don't overeat or undereat.
Cons: Will gain weight back if I don't keep it up.

Plastic Surgery to suck the fatness out:

NO. LOL NO. Last possible resort. Ever. Can't afford a lypo now and probably will never need one unless I'm ancient and obese, and/or self conscious. Sure, this would be the easiest solution, but 16 y/os can't go under the knife, at least, not legally

Idols might have done this to their bodies.
I know for sure that they all have plasto faces and probly plasto boobs as well.

Cons: Expensive, unnatural looking, will probably regret anyway, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ amt is tooooooooo hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Pros: Not fat, can still retain boobage. Chances at becoming an actress?

Eat only snacks and not full meals:

Cons: Will probably not work, left unsatisfied and starving- even moreso than the starvation/skip meal diet. Weight will be gained back after quitting the diet.

Pros: Probably has the smallest smidge of a chance of working. Can probably still keep some boobage.

Crazy/Crash Diets:

the rabbit diet - a friend of my father's did this to lose weight. Grind up various veggies in a blender until smooth, and that's all you eat. For a week, maybe more.

laxative diet - exactly what it says on the tin: taking laxatives to reduce weight. 

acai berry diet - most likely a scam, probably will never attempt. too afraid of identity theft.

water/minimal food diet - could work, weight would be gained back easily :(

weight watchers? - erm....

eat nothing but cereal or miso soup or [insert food here] - erm again, couldn't keep up with it though, my tastebuds would surely be tired of the same crap after a while. 


SkinnyCurvy vs. Plain Too Thin

What I do want to look like
Hyo-freakin'-Sung, because I'll still be able to look 'curvyish' and have actual titties.
What I don't want to look like
Lil' Hara- no, no, HELL NAW. People will worry if I look like this. I wish I could look like this but I'd be immediately proclaimed as unhealthy-thin and transferred to the nearest hospital :(
Also, Hyosung doesn't have the physique of a 12 year old girl.  Hara does. :I

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  1. Admirable goal. Good choices for body role models. Julianne is damn fine. Hyosung is freaking glorious.