Saturday, November 24, 2012


Aka, Audrey goes searching for a legit, free, VPN for the iPhone and PC and comes up empty. Life isn't fair when you're a 16 year old with no job and no car, learning to drive, unable to pay for anything without the aid of relatives, friends, or parents, stuck at home with absolutely nothing important to do except listen to music and browse the hilarious, horrible, creepy, awesome and sometimes lame, internet.

What can I say about the RIAA, the MPAA, (or as I shall call them now, the MAFIAA, although not a legit term for them, fits quite nicely, as they are, like members of the Mafia, killing things, specifically pirates' links and content) and their efforts to obliterate piracy completely? Well, for starters, they mostly fail. I both LOL and breathe sighs of relief every time some bullshit anti-piracy bill or law is rejected. But, there are times when they succeed, as sad as I am to admit that.

THE MAFIAA was able to cease MU and arrest Kim Dotcom easily, with no SOPA, PIPA or ACTA-esque laws set in place. And now they're shoving the '6 Strikes' Piracy Policy down the throats of the internet service providers, mainly the top internet service providers (AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner, etc). What does this mean for the future of downloaders?

as I mentioned before, I need to find a VPN, or something (Tor?) to mask my downloading habits, because i highly doubt that the MAFIAA gives a wholehearted FUCK about if what I download, by US law, is considered 'infringed content' or not, as long as SOMEONE'S sorry ass is getting sued.

THEY WANT DAT MONEY BITCH, and they will go to great lengths to obtain dat cash, MORE SPECIFICALLY, YOUR CASH, N***GAS, as their mostly thwarted attempts to both override the second amendment and censor the world wide web prove.

But, what the MAFIAA does not seem to understand, the concept they do not want to grasp, is that many people cannot afford music, and that, supposedly, pirates actually tend to spend MORE on CDs, digital downloads and merch because they are such huge music fans.

While I can't speak for all pirates, I can honestly say that everytime I receive an iTunes card as a holiday present, I go and spend the somewhat hefty amount (25-100+ dollars depending on the event, which in my book is a decent amount of money, considering i generally have none on me) pretty quickly. $1.29 / $0.99 / $0.69 per song may not seem like a lot, but time flies when you're shopping online. The same goes for buying physical CDs, when I do buy them. I have a few import CDs that cost a fortune ($50+ dollars, not including tax, buying shit from Japan is NOT CHEAP) and since I rarely purchase used CDs, the total adds up pretty quickly. yeah, I might download more than that amount illegally, but I still do occasionally pay for music.

IDC if it's not considered 'my money' if I didn't earn it myself, because IMHO, once you are gifted money - it is therefore your money and yours to spend alone unless you choose to share it with someone else. Selfish sounding, I know.

Anyway, in short, the MAFIAA is just not doing anything to help me in this economic downfall and neither is my ISP.

I just want to download the music I love so much without having to buy it, Y U no understand me, MONEY STARVED CORPORATIONS?


PS: y'all know you've illegally downloaded or uploaded at least one thing in your lifetime. The Mugi picture in this post is probably copyrighted and I just might be using it unfairly! OHMAGAWD THE HORROR SOMEONE IS LOSING MONEY RIGHT NOW OHMAGAWD LET'S SUE AUDREY

You've probably illegally downloaded a .jpg of a cute furry kitten or koala and you didn't even know it. You probably illegally downloaded an mp3 when Napster was still up, alive, and functioning.

So remember that the next time you go and decide to chew someone out for piracy, whether it be IRL, through text or call, or on the internet!

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