Monday, November 26, 2012

Find Me & My Fat Ass on Photobucket & Imgur!

So, I have like 3 imgur accounts now (though they mostly consist of anime MOEBLOB pictures, memes, and a FEW ugly pictures of myself)

And I have a photobucket with over 6K uploads, and all dem pictures only take up like 50% of the space that PB allows. I really should delete about half of them, lots of duplicates and unnecessary photos

 Compared to imgur, photobucket is better space wise (as imgur only allows 225 images per account to be publicly shown, but it's also the only image host that my school doesn't blacklist   -derp- ) though the PB site has always been much slower to load, at least for me. Imgur will also go down for maintenance or be 'over capacity' more often, but it still wins in the loading department because it loads fasterrrrrrr. The same can't be said for Photobucket. IDGAF if my computer is slow, because even on a faster machine also known as the laptop that my bitchy little prick of a sister stole and does not even use anymore, it still takes a shitload of time to load.

Anyway, onto the shit:

--Main Imgur--
--Second Imgur--
--3rd Imgur--

-- My One & Only Photobucket Account--

In other news I didn't eat lunch and I think I'm gonna faint sometime later, exaggeration, probably not? But if it helps me get down to 120 lbs again I'm all for skipping meals!

Don't look at me like that readers, it's not like I'm trying to get down to Yoona's weight. If I were that weight I'd be rushed to the eating disorder institution and diagnosed with anorexia :/ Surprised lil' skinny whore hasn't been rushed to the anorexic hospital actually, or all of SNSD for that matter. 

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd love to have this waif look .... 

But in order to even slightly resemble Yoona, my daily diet would consist of nothing but of a piece of lettuce. Actually, in order to look like any kpop singer, with the exception of the Piggy Dolls before their surgery and image change :(   I'd have to be on that diet. Sad truth right there. idols are starved by their companies because no one over 160 cm tall should weigh under 50 kilos without either a. naturally being that way, or b. starving themselves.

Definitely never visiting Korea. Ever. Xenophobia is probably abundant. I have read that Koreans will also call you out if you have the slightest bit of fat on your body. Like I need  a bunch of skinny azns telling me I'm fat. I already feel like everyone who surrounds me thinks of me as a fat girl who will never be loved by any guy ever so I don't need more criticism at the moment sankyou very much 

5'5 and 129 lbs ain't skinny but it's nowhere near the fat american average woman's weight and height which is like 5'3 and 160+ lbs.   

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