Monday, November 26, 2012

Bland thanksgiving- boring holiday, and a car for Christmas

to sum up my Thanksgiving week off - YAWN

I did nothing of importance except jog/walk outside to tighten up my saggy thighs
watch TV, listen to music, computer. Normal, mundane activities, that would've been done on any given day. Didn't even shop on Black Friday because stores are batshit cray-cray during Black Friday.  I repeat, YAWN.

Thanksgiving was blah also, my mother invited her BF and his bitchy daughter over. All the bitch of a daughter did was apply her makeup and shut herself in the bathroom and strew her cigarette butts all over the lawn. The girl got involved with drugs and shit a few years back and hasn't been nice since, if anything she's been a little viper. And she used to be a good person.

I almost puked on Thanksgiving, so I barely ate anything. The leftovers were as bland as the actual event. The dishes were worse, though I was luckily not stuck with the chore of cleaning them.

The only exciting thing is that I now officially own a car, technically? It's basically my major Christmas present, along with learning how to drive. It belonged to my grandma, who is now cooped up in an old folk's home - memory problems, she suffers from them, is almost as old as me, but is in good condition, so no complaints, it's a fuckin' car!

 Now all I need is a handbook, lessons, and the test, and BAM, I am a registered 16 y/o driver!

And then I can get a job in case the RIAA sues my ass

brb guys downloading Ke$ha's new album in deluxe edition ♥
Next few days will probably bring forth a SNSD Girls And Peace Leak too.
Fuck Yea Guy.jpg ~ AGAIN

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